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2 Review (2020)- Imposter SCAM Revealed!

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Welcome to my review.

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Has someone recommended this site to you but you're not sure if it's real or not?

Or you were using EarnAndGo, then noticed it was redirected to

Well, whichever the case may be, you've made to the right place.

I want to say "congrats" for taking the time to find this review and discover the real truth for yourself.

But before we get started, this is NOT a review of "" (without the "s" and a ".com"), which is the legit "get paid to" (GPT) that was running a few years back. 

We will be uncovering the truth about "", a new Instagram "opportunity" which is circulating social media.

So, let's get started, cause there's SO much to tell you in this review.. Review [At A Glance]

Recommended? NO

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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What Is

CashCrates claims to be the "The #1 Earning Network" giving users the chance to earn a full time income from home or school, by completing simple tasks such as, completing offers, surveys and referring others. 

At first glance it looks like a real website for ordinary folks like you and me to earn some money with Instagram (IG). even attempts to include "testimonials" from popular influencers like La'daijah Grant (@Dej_rosegold), who has thousands of Twitter and IG followers, to make it look more authentic.

But as I looked deeper into the website I found many inconsistencies and red flags that introduced my suspicions. 

To start with, the main problem I found with this website was that they make very bold statements and suggest highly unrealistic income claims, without delivering on their promises.

And, users of EarnAndGo have been redirected to without any prior warnings. 

Sadly, I have reviewed many sites with the same fake promises, and as you read further into this review, you'll uncover many more sad and shocking truths about this "opportunity".

Can You Really Make Money Online With

Unfortunately, you will NOT make money online with

They give a fake impression that your account balance is increasing, but as you'll see in the video above, and from the points in this review, at the end of it you will NOT receive any money.

Below is an overview of all the reasons why I believe you will not earn with CashCrates...

#1 Same Scam With A Different Name

Firstly, is just a rebranded name of a previous scam,

If you were to do a website search for, the site will automatically redirect to

And if you do a simple Google search for, you'll discover many reviews that prove the website to be a scam.

So the fact that not only looks almost identical to the previous, but is also the rebranded name, highlighted a MAJOR red flag for me.

#2 The Owners Make Money, NOT You

Ultimatelythe main purpose of this, and sites like it, is to help the owners make money...not you.

The owners are the only people that benefit and earn through a method known as Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing.

This means that the owners of get as many people as they can to complete these "offers" & "tasks", and they end up making the profits, without returning anything back to you.

Then they go on to pass your data to 3rd party companies as part of a data harvesting scam.

#3 The Numbers Don't Add Up

As mentioned above, it's the owners that earn money.

The owners actually get around $1-$3 for every "task" you complete, such as filling out a survey, downloading an app how can they offer to pay you $29  or $50 to complete these "tasks"?

Not just that, but the $50 sign up bonus is completely outrageous.

How can they possibly get enough money to pay it's users $50 each, just to sign up!

Plus, you'll supposedly earn $10 for every friend you invite. But again, that's a lot of money to fork out, for such as simple "task".

Ultimately, as you'll continue to discover in this review, and with other fake sites like this, the numbers just don't add up, and the income they claim is completely fake, just to get you and others to sign up.

#4 Fake Business Start Date

The site further goes on to claim that it started it's business in 2015:

However, after doing a domain registration search, I quickly discovered that the site has only been registered just a few days ago on 11th April 2020. review - fake start date

Now, if this site was real, why would they need to make a fake claim about their start date?!

#5 Need To Be 99 Years or Older To Use

When you go ahead to sign up for, you are required to check the box which says you agree with the "terms and conditions"

As you can imagine, most people generally don't read terms & conditions, but I went ahead and did the digging for you and came across something very shocking... 

According to the T&Cs of, you cannot use the site if you are younger then 99 years old.

This works in the owners favour because most, if not all, users will be under 99, and therefore, you are breaking the terms by using the site under the age, so you do not get paid.

#6 Fake Payment Proofs Review - Fake Payment proof

Not only has outright lied about their business start date, and made bogus income claims, but they've also posted fake payment proofs.

Taking a look at this screenshot above, the site claims one of its users made money in February 2020, but how is that possible when we've discovered the site was just created in April 2020. 

Truth is, no one has made money, and no one has any real payment proof.

Just more evidence that this website is fake. 

#7 Fake Testimonials

The testimonials are 100% fake, and made to look like they were written by real influencers, but as you see, they've been made up.

The same testimonial from La'daijah Grant (@Dej_rosegold), is the exact same testimonial that's on Paid2Share. 

Again, if the site was real, and users were making all this money, why would they need to use fake testimonials copied from another website?!

#8 Fake "Live" Social Feed

Furthermore, has included a "live" social feed to their home page.

However, the top of the feed says "EarnAndGo", which we revealed is the previous site that is redirected from. 

Which means the owners couldn't even edit the site properly to remove traces of the old EarnAndGo site.

Not just that, but the user in this feed doesn't even exist according to Twitter. 

You might say, "but Stephanie, the usernames are different", which is true, but this is the account that takes me to, so why would they direct me to a user that doesn't even exist if it really is a "live" feed. 

#9 Fake Earnings

With, they have a clever way of making it look like you're receiving money for completing "tasks" and referring other members. 

To prove it to you, I created an account with and shared my link on Facebook, which I show in the video above.

I didn't want to get any real clicks, so I changed the setting to share to "only me".

This means that it would share on my Facebook profile, and I would be the only one to see the link. 

Before sharing my referral link, I had the $50 sign up bonus.

However, something shocking happened after sharing my referral link, which could only be seen by me.

I refreshed my account, straightaway, and was surprised to find that I'd received 6 clicks and "earned" $ just a few seconds.

Wow...if only it were real! review fake earnings and fake clicks

How on earth could I have earned $12 from 6 clicks when no one saw my link, and no one could have possibly clicked on it. 

This just further proves to me that the "earnings" are fake, and the site is not real!

Ultimately, sites like give the impression that you're getting clicks and earning money, but it's all a clever trick to encourage you to refer more people and complete more tasks.

#10 No Real Tasks To Complete

Furthermore, as you actually go into the "task wall", you'll discover that there are no real tasks to complete.

Most, if not all, tasks require you to enter your email or personal details. 

Why on earth would they pay out $29 or $50 just to enter your email?! 

It's completely unrealistic.

This further proves that the site is just a way to collect your data as part of a data harvesting scam, by promising huge money. 

#11 Identical/Similar To Other Scams is almost identical to another online scam called Paid2Share. And is a redirect of the previous scam "EarnAndGo".

And if you do a Google search for "Paid2Share" or "EarnAndGo", you'll find many online marketers exposing it as a scam. 

Not just that, but there are other similar online data harvesting scams I've reviewed, such as:

And the list is continuously growing...

So, if you've come across any of these or Paid2Share already, then you should definitely stay away from, cause you will waste your time with this too, and not get any money.

The ONLY Positive About

Surprisingly, there is one positive thing I like about compared to the other fake sites similar to this. 

They have a health/safety link to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) regarding COVID-19 and the pandemic. covid 19 info

So I thought that was something positive at least to give people some safety measures. 

I just wish they weren't wasting your time, with their fake site, in the process. 

My Final Thoughts - Is A Scam?

Thank you for making it to the end of this review.

As we can see, the evidence speaks for itself!

I've done enough research on "make money online" opportunities, and used enough GPT sites, to know when something is the real deal or not...

...and is definitely NOT the real deal.

Therefore, in my opinion, and based on my research, is a 100% scam, and not worth your time at all!

Final Verdict: NOT Recommended! Alternatives

Instead, why not check out these legitimate alternatives:

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Overall Rating



  • Safety information link about Covid-19


  • Same Scam With A Different Name
  • Fake Business Start Date, Testimonials, and Payment Proof
  • Fake Earnings And Fake Clicks
  • Identical/Similar To Other Scams
  • No Real Tasks To Compete (Just Collecting Your Data)

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Ronald Sutherland - June 7, 2020

Eyes opened. Thank you.

    Stephanie - June 11, 2020

    You’re welcome. Glad you saw the truth. All the best.


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