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Getting Started Online

Looking for a new start?

Are you someone who’s looking for a new start in life?

A genuine way to make money for yourself, on your terms, while also following your passion?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to work from home, but never found the right guidance

Whether you’re looking for a way to just supplement your current income, or you really want to earn a full-time income online, then I want to welcome you to Precious New Start, and encourage you to read this page in it’s entirety.

I want to show you how you can get started online today, in the next few minutes.

I can imagine you’re here because you’re looking for something new…a way to work for yourself. Well, I know exactly where you’re coming from as I’ve been there myself. I know what it’s like to feel as though you have something more to give than just working under someone else.

Whether you’ve tried to succeed online before, or you’ve never ventured into the online world,  I believe I can provide you with the right tools and information to finally help you succeed.


“I want to show you the correct path to Getting Started Online.”


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Do you want to work for yourself or someone else?

I’ve always felt like there was something more I should be doing. I didn’t like the idea of working for other people. I wanted to work for myself…to be my own boss! And I wanted to do this online.

It’s sad to say this, but there are now more online scams than ever promising lots of money for little to no work at all. That is why I created this site. I want to direct you to the real ‘work from home’ opportunities, that are 100% genuine. I’ve been scammed online before, so know exactly what it’s like, and looking back, I wish I could have had someone to direct me in the right path. So, if I can be that person for someone else, then it’ll be all worthwhile. All I’ve ever wanted to do was help others, and that’s what I aim to do through my site, by helping you create a successful business online from home.

I will share with you my recommended ‘work from home’ opportunities, as well as ways to make some additional side income on/offline. The methods I suggest can be suitable for part-time or full-time work, and I only recommend products/services that are free, or free to try before you pay a penny.

Let’s picture a scenario for a moment…I want you to think of the latest mobile phone. Before you buy the latest phone, you get to go to the phone store to try out the product before making a purchase right? And then if you’re happy with the phone, you can go ahead and buy it. But if the product isn’t to your liking, then you can leave it and move on.  Well, this is the reason why I only suggest products that allow you to “try before you buy”. I believe you should be able to test products/services, and get a real feel for them before you invest any kind of money.

Ok, so now I better get onto how you can achieve success in the online world.

(If you’re eager to get started right this second, you can skip further down this page to find out how)


Can You Really Work From Home?

Can You Really Work From Home?

Can You Really Work From Home?

First you must understand that there is no such thing as ‘get rich quick’ when it comes to working from home, and creating your own online business. Any program promising you such, is not genuine, in my opinion. I do not encourage you to join these types of programs, as they are only interested in taking your money! They are not interested in helping you.

Therefore, you need to know that building a business online from home requires hard work. If you’re only interested in ‘get rich quick’ schemes, then unfortunately this blog is not for you, and the methods I recommend will not suit your needs. I want to help people who are ready to help themselves, and ready to build something wonderful!


What’s stopping you from success?


Is it fear of the unknown?

Is it fear of failure?

Perhaps you don’t want to leave your job because you don’t know if this online thing is really going to work. If so, I can totally understand that. Which is why building your business can also be a part-time thing. It may take you longer, but you can get success if you have the determination and motivation.

Think of any business, offline or online…success didn’t come to them in a day. It came because they worked hard and never gave up. Just like any business, offline or online, it requires work.

It could be that your lack of success online is because you’ve been exposed to scam after scam online. I know, it really SUCKS! But I want to completely turn things around for you, by showing you completely ethical, and honest ways to make money online, and to build a business online.



Building a Business Online requires THREE main things…


I’ve been making money online since 2014, and although some may consider me still a newbie, I have learnt a great deal along the way. I am always striving to learn more and feel that I have gained a vast amount of knowledge in a short period of time. Success comes to each of us in different ways. However, there are 3 things which I have found to be very common among people who make a living online.


(1) They have help:

If you’re like me, you probably get so frustrated when you’re stuck with something. Google can be a good starting place for getting help, but so can having someone there to help you…someone that you can regularly contact.

(2) They have their own website:

“No website = No success”

Build a FREE Website Today

Build a FREE Website Today

I truly believe that if you try and make it into the online world without a website, your success will unfortunately be very short lived. However, there’s no need to panic  as building a website is so easy nowadays. You don’t need to have any coding experience, or any technical knowledge.

To be honest, in a few minutes from now, you could have your very own website up and running, completely free! (When I say free, I do really mean free – no strings attached)

(3) They’re always ready to learn, and practice regularly:

Without learning something, you’re not going to be able to do anything. For example,…before you knew how to ride a bike, you had to learn. Before you knew how to read a book, you had to learn. In order to learn these things, you needed to be given “training”. With the right support and guidance, you will begin to know more, and eventually do start doing it naturally. So now when you ride a bike, or you read this blog…do you need to think about all the steps mechanically? No…you’ve practiced so much that you can do these things naturally.

So this is what will happen when you get the right online business training, and you practice regularly…you will be successful!


How To Get Started with $0


Ok, so you can now see that in order to succeed you need help, a website and training.

Here’s what you’re going to get when you sign up for free:

  • Personal help and support:
    • You’ll be getting personal help from myself, as well as personal help from the owner of this program.
    • Yes, that’s right. The owner (Kyle) responds to your questions, and interacts with you personally. (And I can assure you that his responses are not automated, they are genuine and in real time)
    • You have access to an amazing community of 10,000+ members. You can make new friends and be constantly in contact with like minded people.
    • Live chat support
  • 2 FREE websites:
    • Yep, you read that right! You get to create 2 websites, completely free! When you sign up you’ll learn how to build your website into an online business platform
  • Training, training…and lots more training:
    • This place is honestly just the perfect place to learn, as you’ll have access to a wealth of training materials.
      • Video courses
      • Written training
      • Entire classrooms
    • It is a true learning platform

And can you believe it?…all this for just $0.


Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join!

Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join!

And theres NO need to input any CREDIT CARD details. I have searched and searched through various systems and programs online, that request large sums of payment upfront, but I have never come across a program like this. I personally do not believe you will find training and support like this anywhere else online. (if you have, why not share the name of the program in the comments below, I’d be interested to look into it).

There is also a Premium membership which you could consider, and this will provide you with MUCH more! However, there is absolutely no obligation to upgrade, and you can continue to use the website for free.

Have a look at this table below to look what you will have access to, and to compare the different memberships


So as you can see, you can get started online for a whopping…$0!

What have you got to lose? Why not give it a try for a week or so?  If it’s not for you, at least you didn’t have to invest any money. At least you can say you tried, and it just wasn’t for you.


If you’re ready to “Make Your Dream Of Success A Reality”, then click the link below. 

Yes I’m Ready To Get Started!

To Your Success,


P.S. I look forward to connecting with you on the inside!