Hi, i'm stephanie!

i want to help you Start A Side Hustle and Unlock Extra Income Online with

Affiliate marketing!"

I started my online journey back in 2014 and have been finding ways to make money online since.

I've learnt a lot along the way, including being scammed by "companies" promising tons of success in little to no time. Now I'm more able to separate the legit programs from the not so legit.

That's why I aim to provide proven strategies and tips to help my subscribers get the most out of their affiliate marketing business.

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How to start a Money Making blog

Looking to start a blog, but have a very low budget? This in-depth guide will cover everything from hosting & domains to setting up email marketing. All the tips you need to turn your blog from hobby to business...on a budget.

Affiliate Marketing training guides

Discover the latest tips, tricks, tools and resources to help you kickstart, grow and supercharge your affiliate marketing success, so that you have more time to focus on the commissions.

legits ways to make extra money online

Take a look at these legitimate ways to earn an extra income online in the comfort of your own home. Some sites require little to no effort, and can be a great way to just supplement your income.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

By being an affiliate marketer, you can promote other companies’ products and services which gives you the opportunity to make money online without needing to create your own products or services. 

You can also make money 24/7, regardless of your location. 

The income potential is virtually endless; you can make as much money as you want, depending on how hard you work.


So, how do you get started?

See my top recommendations below...

My Top Affiliate Marketing Training Recommendations

Wealthy Affiliate - Beginner friendly 

Wealthy Affiliate is the training program that started it all. With the training at Wealthy Affiliate I was able to earn my first $100+ online in affiliate commissions. 

I recommend this platform for complete beginners because everything is laid out step by step.

You can go at your own pace, and you have a wealth of community and support to help you through. 

Plus, you get to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and building money making websites. 

The Home Business Academy - Intermediate level

I joined The Home Business Academy back in 2019 and have been using their training and tools over the years.

You get access to high quality tools and training, and can earn 80% commissions on their products. 

It helps to have some experience of marketing with the Home Business Academy, but you will find a community of people willing to help.

The owners are successful marketers that have created a business built on helping those in need. Both by helping it's members become financially free, and giving a portion of earnings to feed starving children in developing countries. 

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