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EmotePay.co Review – Is EmotePay.Co A Scam? [TRUTH EXPOSED]

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Welcome to my EmotePay.co review.

Important: Make sure you watch the full video below to learn what this website is all about and why you shouldn't waste your time on this scam!

EmotePay.co Review [At A Glance]

Recommended? NO

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10

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EmotePay.co Review [VIDEO]

What Is EmotePay.co?

EmotePay.copromotes itself as a "Get Paid To" (GPT) site that claims to give you the opportunity to make money online by completing simple tasks such as, completing offers, surveys and referring others. 

The problem with this website is that they offer highly unrealistic income claims and they don't pay out to their users. 

You're supposedly given a $25 sign up bonus, but as you will watch my EmotePay.co review video above you'll soon discover that there are many inconsistencies about the income you'll earn, as well as the true facts about the "business" and these issues raise TOO many RED FLAGS.

Can You Make Money Online With EmotePay.co?

Unfortunately, you will NOT get paid with EmotePay.co. They give a fake impression that your account balance is increasing, but at the end of it you will NOT receive any money.

#1 The Owners Make Money, NOT You

 The purpose of this site is to help the owners make money.

The owners are the only people that benefit from sites like EmotePay.co.

Through a process of Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing, the owners of EmotePay.co get as many people as they can to complete these offers, and they end up making the profits, without returning anything to the members. 

#2 The Numbers Don't Add Up

The owners only receive $1-$3 for every action you take, such as filling out a survey, downloading an app etc...so how can they offer to pay you $30+ to complete these tasks?

Not just that, but they $25 sign up bonus is a complete lie. They supposedly have 500,000 members on their site. If they paid each person $25, just to sign up, they'd be paying out in the millions! 

But where can they possible get the money to do this?!

Ultimately, as you'll discover in the video, the numbers don't add up, and the income they claim is complete fake, just to get you and others to sign up.

#3 Identical To Other Scams 

EmotePay.co is also identical/very similar to other online scams I've reviewed, such as:

If you've come across any of these already, then you should definitely stay away from EmotePay.co, cause you will waste your time with this too, and not get any money.

My Final Thoughts - Is EmotePay.co A Scam?

Thank you for making it to the end of this EmotePay.co review.

I've done enough research on "make money online" opportunities, and used enough GPT sites, to know when something is the real deal or not, and EmotePay.co is definitely NOT the real deal.

Therefore, in my opinion, and based on my research, EmotePay.co is a complete scam!

Final Verdict: NOT Recommended!

Instead, why not check out these legitimate EmotePay.co alternatives:

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