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Gain.GG Review – Scam Or Legit?! [+ Payment Proof]

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Welcome to my Gain.GG Review. 

Today I want to share with you a website that allows you to earn by completing tasks online...but there's a twist! review logo

If you've been looking for ways to make money online, chances are you've come across the idea of completing tasks with "get paid to" websites.

Not only can you earn through Paypal...but you can redeem your earnings for Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies).

Although "Get Paid To" (GPT) websites tend to get a bad reputation for being low paying and not having good earning opportunities, there are some legitimate sites that have the potential be worth your time, based on your needs, and can actually offer you many ways to earn.


Interested in discovering more about this GPT site with a twist?!

Then keep on reading... Review [At A Glance]

Verdict: LEGIT

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10


What Is Gain.GG? review homepage

Gain.GG is a GPT website that allows you to earn money online through completing various online tasks.

Similar to many other "GPT" websites, there are different options available to earn with Gain.GG, which makes it a good way to earn some extra cash with little to know work. 

But with all the available "GPT" sites out there, what makes Gain.GG different? Why is it becoming so popular?

Continue reading this Gain.GG review to learn the answers to these questions...

How Does Gain.GG Work? review how it works

There are 3 simple steps to make money with Gain.GG:

  1. Earn
  2. Shop
  3. Withdraw

What You Need To Get Started?

To get started with Gain.GG you will need:

  • Access to a computer/laptop and internet
  • A Google or Steam account to sign up with
  • Paypal or Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) account to receive payments

Gain.GG Video Walkthrough

6 Ways To Make Money Online With Gain.GG

There are currently 6 ways you can earn money online with Gain.GG: review offer wall

1. Welcome/Sign Up Bonus

The quickest and easiest way to earn money with Gain.GG is to sign up through someone's referral link, and earn 100 coin sign-up bonus. 

==> Click here to join through my referral link for your bonus

2. Offer Wall

With Gain.GG, you can earn money by completing the offers from their partners. 

Some offer partners include AdGate, which many other "GPT" sites use. 

Plus, you can find different ways to earn with the offer walls, from surveys to app downloads.

3. Paid Surveys review surveys

Just like other GPT sites, you get to earn points through paid surveys.

However, you need to reach 1,000 coins with OfferWalls before you can unlock surveys.

4. Watch Videos/Ads review videos

Additionally, you can earn by watching videos. 

Eventhough you'll be watching videos, you actually only earn when you watch the ads.

The video partner available is Hideout.TV, which I have seen on other GPT sites, such as:

So, you need to watch a certain number of ads in order to earn points. 

Additionally, with, you'll need to create an account for that site to be eligible for those points. 

But it's easy to sign up and get your account running. 

5. Referral Program 

One of the best ways to earn more money with any GPT sites is through referrals, and Gain.GG is no different.

With Gain.GG, you can expect to earn 5% of all offers completed by your referrals (except video offers).

So I'd suggest getting some dollars under your belt first, then once you've cashed out and got the proof, share the link with your friends and get them to join so everyone earns :).

6. Bonus Codes

If you thought 5 ways to earn was a lot, then you'll be glad to know that Gain.GG also allow you earn through bonus codes.

Bonus codes can be found on their Twitter accounts, so be sure to keep an eye it in order to earn more. review bonus code

How To Get Paid With Gain.GG? review how to get paid

As a Gain.GG user, you earn coins for the tasks you complete, and then this can be redeemed for either:

  • Paypal cash (Update April 2020: You can no longer receive payments via Paypal. Only by Cryptocurrency. However, provides a full guide on how to convert your cryptocurrency into Paypal cash)
  • Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency)

The minimum withdrawal is currently 10,000 coins, which is $10.00.

Gain.GG Payment Proof

Gain.GG is a legit GPT website that has been paying it's users.

As you can see on the BeerMoneyForum, you'll be able to see a thread dedicated to this website, where members regularly share their payment proof. 

Plus, just look at these screenshots below: review payment proof 1 review payment proof 2 review payment proof 3

Which Countries Are Eligible For Gain.GG? review countries eligible

The image above shows the countries which are currently eligible for Gain.GG

How To Avoid Getting Banned?

One of the annoying things about GPT sites is the risk of being banned. So here are a few tips to help you avoid this:

  1. Don't use VPNs 
  2. Don't use multiple accounts

What's Good About Gain.GG?

Gain.GG has a lot of positive features to offers, which include:

  • Free to join
  • 100 Sign Up bonus (using a referral link)
  • Different opportunities to earn
  • Offers the option to receive Bitcoin withdrawals
  • Can cash out via Paypal

Gain.GG Complaints

Despite the many positives of Gain.GG, there are also a few complaints, which are:

  • Not available in all countries 
  • Minimum withdrawal may be too high for some ($10)
  • High value offers may take up to 90 days to approve (this is to prevent fraud)
  • Need 1,000 coins to earn with surveys
  • Completing tasks and surveys can be tedious
  • Can no longer cash out via Paypal (updated April 2020)

Final Thoughts - Is Gain.GG A Scam or Legit?

Thank you for making it to the end of my Gain.GG review. 

I hope this review has given you a good insight into the Gain.GG platform and the opportunities that are available for you to earn some extra money online with this site.

Based on my experience and my research, I would say that Gain.GG is a legitimate GPT website and a great way to earn a bit of extra money online.

However, please note that this site is just for earning extra income online. Don't expect to leave your day job or use this as a "full-time income" opportunity.

Despite that, Gain.GG offers a super easy way to earn some extra cash, while doing little to no work.

So, if you'd like to register and receive a 100 coin sign up bonus through my link, then click here get started right away.

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Overall Rating



  • Free to join
  • 100 Sign Up bonus (using a referral link)
  • Different opportunities to earn
  • Offers the option to receive Bitcoin withdrawals
  • Can cash out via Paypal


  • Not available in all countries
  • Minimum withdrawal may be too high for some ($10)
  • High value offers may take up to 90 days to approve (this is to prevent fraud)
  • Need 1,000 coins to earn with surveys
  • Completing tasks and surveys can be tedious

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