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How To Successfully Use Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Blog! [7 Do’s and Don’ts]

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Welcome to this blog post on how to use Quora to drive traffic to your blog....successfully. 

I'm writing this content today for my fellow bloggers out there looking to gain a new source of free traffic to their blog posts.

You may know Quora as a Q&A platform, but it can also be considered an "underground" traffic source for bloggers.

So, I'm sure you can't wait to find out how to use Quora to drive traffic to your blog.

In this post, I'll be sharing my top 7 Do's and Don'ts of using Quora for traffic, as well as giving you a sneak peek into my own personal Quora traffic results. 

Take a look at what you can expect today...


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What Is Quora?

Quora is a Q&A based website which allows you to answer user questions related to just about any topic available.

For bloggers, this means you're able to search through the platform to find questions related to your blog niche and share your expertise and knowledge.

How Does Quora Work?

At first, Quora can seem a bit confusing and overwhelming, but once you've given yourself a chance to look through the site and familiarise yourself with the content available, it's easy to get the hang of how it all works.

Below is a quick video showing you how it all works + some extra Quora benefits:

How To Use Quora? - My 7 Do's And Don'ts

While Quora is a great platform for driving targetted traffic to your blog content, there are a number of Do's and Don'ts which I feel are important to share. 

These tips are from my own personal experience, and it's to help you get the most out of driving traffic to your blog with Quora. 

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1) Don't Share Affiliate Links

This is one of my most important "don'ts" when it comes to Quora. 

A lot of people believe they can create mediocre answers and then throw in their affiliate link, but this can easily get you banned from the previous experience has taught me!

Therefore, after you've written your thoughtful and valuable answer, instead of adding an affiliate link, leave a link to your blog post with content that's relevant to your answer.

Please note: I'm not saying that you shouldn't/can't leave affiliate links at all, instead, I personally would encourage you to limit how many affiliate links you leave in your answers. The more affiliate links you leave, the more likely you are to get banned. 

2) Don't Post Links To Your Blog In Every Answer

Quite often, people answering questions on Quora will be leaving links to their website on every answer they write. 

My advice is to have a mix of this.

Have some answers that link to relevant content on your site, and have other answers where you provide as much value as possible so the reader doesn't need to go to your site. 

This shows that you're not all about promoting your own thing and gives the impression that you actually want to help others...which I believe you want to do anyway. 🙂

Steph's Quick Tip:

As well as linking to your blog from time to time, if you know another blogger who's answered the question more comprehensively, then don't feel shy about linking to other bloggers also.

3) Do Edit Your Profile Credentials Depending On The Questions You Answer

Quora has a great feature which allows you to edit your credentials depending on the content you are answering.

This is really good if you're knowledgeable in different fields and want to showcase your expertise in specific fields. 

So, I suggest you utilise this feature often if you plan on answering questions on a variety of topics. 

4) Do Provide LOTS Of Value And Make It Simple For The Reader

My fourth piece of advice on how to use Quora to drive traffic to your blog is to provide lots of value to the person asking the question, and potential readers of that question. 

As mentioned above, don't just go about dropping your links everywhere. 

Find questions that you can really add quality to. 

In addition, aim to make things simple for the readers. Don't overcomplicate your answer by using difficult terms.

When I write my answers I usually like to add bullet points or write a list. I feel this makes it easier for Quora users to digest, and the readers feel they've understood the information shared with them.

5) Do Make Sure Your Answers And/Or Links Are Relevant To The Question

This is such an important aspect of writing content on Quora. 

You need to make sure your answers are relevant to the question. In this instance, what I like to do is refer back to the original question every now and again, and include aspects of the question in my answer. 

Using this method, I know I'm doing my best to answer the question as much as possible. 

Furthermore, along with everything else, be sure that any links you include are appropriate for the question you are answering too. 

Think to yourself...

"Does the link benefit the person reading?"

"Will my link allow them to gain some extra knowledge for their question?"

I encourage you to make sure your content answers these 2 questions before you hit "submit".

6) Do Start Small And Stick To Questions You Know

Another one of my suggestions is to stick to topics you are familiar with. 

By generating traffic from Quora, you also want to set yourself up as an "authority" in your niche. Therefore, your answers should reflect that status. 

So, don't start giving answers on topics you have little knowledge about. 

There's no race here, so take your time to find the questions you can answer, and do your best to provide as much service as possible.

Steph's Quick Tip:

Use the Quora search bar to find questions related to blog posts you've already written. This way, you already know about the topic through your blog post, and you can provide a relevant link at the same time.  

7) Do Know That The Same Advice Applies For Youtube Videos

One of my favourite things about Quora is that you don't have to just limit yourself to blog post can also use these tips to generate traffic to your Youtube videos. 

Here's an example below. In this screenshot I show my Youtube video which currently has over 3000 views:

**Update 2020: I now have currently over 7,500 views, mostly from Quora traffic.**

I can attest this growth to the questions I answered through Quora. I wrote content that was relevant to the question and provided my Youtube video for further guidance. 

As a result, this is currently my #1 most watch video on Youtube.

SNEAK PEEK: My Blog Traffic Results With Quora

As you can see from the screenshot above, I've been able to generate almost 50k views to my answers since the end of 2017. 

Not all of these views led to blog traffic, but it has had a positive impact on my blog traffic results, as you'll see in the Google Analytics screenshot below. 

You'll also notice from this graphic that the more active I was on Quora, the higher the traffic.

For example, I was quite active in March 2018, and then July 2018. So, that's something you may want to think about. 

If you don't already have a Google Analytics set up on your blog, then I recommend you get this done as soon as possible, so you can start tracking your results. 

Here's a link to some super easy training on Google Analytics, which is worth watching for any blogger. 

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide on how to use Quora to drive traffic to your blog.

If you've made it to the end of this guide, then congratulations, you're on your way to drive targeted traffic to your blog, for free!

Please note: I don't claim to be a Quora "guru", nor do I claim that I get tons of traffic this way.

I'm just sharing my personal experience with you, and my goal is to help other bloggers looking for a way to generate some extra free traffic.

I feel this extra traffic has allowed some of my content to rank higher on Google, along with the SEO techniques I have in place. 

What To Do Next?...

All in all, if you have a desire to get some free targeted traffic to your blog, then I would encourage you to sign up with Quora, and get started today!

Give it a go for at least 7 days, then let me know how you get on in the comments below. 

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Let's discuss:

Do you use Quora to drive free traffic?

If not, what are your thoughts on how to use Quora to drive traffic to your blog?

Are you a blogger that's interested in finding ways to generate free blog traffic? What other methods do you use?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.

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Paul - June 11, 2020

Hi Stephanie.
Thank you for this invaluable information.
I have already signed up to Quora and can’t wait to get started.

    Stephanie - June 19, 2020

    You’re welcome, glad you found it helpful 🙂

Dan - October 9, 2018

Hi Steph,

Great article. I am fairly new to blogging and to be honest, I had no idea what quora was before this article. Thank you for writing it. I can’t wait to take a look at it after this article and use it as a tool to hopefully drive more traffic to my blog. I will definitely keep this article handy as I navigate my way around it.

    Stephanie - October 14, 2018

    Hi Dan, thanks for commenting. Quora is one of those “underground” sites, but it’s also a great traffic booster. Would love to hear how you get on with Quora once you try it!


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