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Wealth Academy Review – $8k A Day Opportunity Or Just Another Clickbank Product Scam?!

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Welcome to my Wealth Academy Review.

Just imagine this for a second...being able to earn $8000 a day in affiliate commissions!

Yes...you saw that right...$8000 a day!

Well, Wealth Academy claims you can earn up to that much using their "set and forget system".

But can this really be the system that changes your income substantially?

The fact that you're on this page lets me know that you're interested to find out if Wealth Academy is the opportunity you've been looking for.

If that's the case, I want to congratulate you on taking this step to review this opportunity and discover the truth for yourself. 

So, let's not waste any more time. Come and join me in discovering the truth...

Product Name: Wealth Academy

Website: www.WealthAcademy.click

Owner: Richard (according to the sales video, but there's no real confirmation of this)

Price: $24.95 + Upsells

Rating: 2/10

Type of Opportunity: Affiliate Marketing

Recommended?  NO 


What Is Wealth Academy?

Wealth Academy is an online "system" which claims to be able to help users earn a substantial affiliate income online, using Amazon.

This Wealth Academy is not to be confused with Shaqir Hussyin's Wealth Academy, which has different products and slightly business models.

This Wealth Academy which is will be referring to is a Clickbank product which advertises itself as introducing a brand new system, which will give you immediate financial results.

Continue reading to discover more...

How Does Wealth Academy Work?

Unlike other Clickbank products I've reviewed in the past, this product actually gives you some idea of how you'll be making money online. 

Although it's not incredibly detailed, you do know that you'll be earning through Affiliate Marketing, and you'll be using Amazon to find products to promote.

Is Wealth Academy A Scam? Here's The Truth...

Despite the fact that you have some idea of how you'll be making money with this system, I believe there are enough red flags in this program that would stop me from recommending this program to anyone.

1. Overhyped Income Claims

First and foremost, like other products I've reviewed, there are TONS of overhyped claims about how much you'll be making online with Amazon. 

Yes, making affiliate income online with Amazon is possible, but you will not be earning 4 figure commissions on your first day as this sales video suggests. 

Earning money with Affiliate Marketing is tough at first, and due to the lower commission rates of Amazon, 4 figure days are also harder to achieve, especially if you have no online skills at all!

My first ever Amazon commissions was about £4.00...now I feel this is a slightly more realistic view of what you'll achieve as a beginner.

After some time and in-depth training, then yes, 4 figure days are possible.

But don't believe the hype of this sales video!

2. Fake Owner

The owner of this program is supposedly named Richard, however, when I search online for the owner and the product, I get no results.

There's no real indication of the true owner of this program. 

3. Nothing "Brand New" About His Methods

In the sales video, the "owner", Richard, claims that he has a brand new system which exploits vast amounts of traffic from Amazon.

However, he also further states in the video that you'll be taught how to make money with Affiliate Marketing and Amazon.

Nothing about these methods are brand new, and it's likely you'll get the same information you can find other places online. 

4. Upsells

Upsells are not uncommon in online products like this, and I believe there's absolutely nothing wrong with upsells. 

My issue is when the main product cannot work on its own and it requires the purchase of upsells.

And unfortunately, Wealth Academy is one of those products. 

Listening to the sales video, Richard mentions that the program will only cost $24.95 one time fee.

However, after some digging online, I discovered that affiliates can earn up to $350 per referral.

This clearly highlights the fact that there are upsells behind the $24.95 entry fee, and in reality, you could be paying more than $350 for this product.

Below is a screenshot showing the TRUE breakdown of the costs:

In total, if a customer purchases every product in the funnel, they could expect to spend up to $500, even before getting to the members' area!

A far cry from the initial $24.95 "entry fee".


  • 60 day money back guarantee 
  • You get to learn what the business is about before making a purchase


  • Overhyped and unrealistic claims about what you can earn as a beginner
  • Fake Owner
  • Upsells up to $500
  • Method is not "brand new"

How I Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Despite the prevalence of overhyped online programs, such as this one, there is still hope for Affiliate Marketing, and it is still very possible to earn a real income online with it. 

It's through Affiliate Marketing that I'm able to earn a monthly income online. Just take a look at the screenshot below which shows my monthly income increase dramatically over a 5 month period.

I followed the Wealthy Affiliate Training step-by-step and was able to grow my monthly earnings with one of my affiliate programs.

Plus...here are some other commission payments from other affiliate programs. 

I'm not sharing these to brag, but to give you a glimpse into the income potential that can be earned, thanks to Affiliate Marketing. 

Of course, your income could be more, or it could be less. As long as you know that there's no such thing as a "push-button" system that'll do all the work for you while you just sit back.

Affiliate Marketing is a business that requires hard work and determination.

If that's something you believe you can do, then I'd encourage you to take a look Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, and discover why it's my #1 recommended training platform for beginners. 

You'll also be taught how to earn realistic affiliate commissions with Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this Wealth Academy Review.

Although the methods used here are not a scam, I feel the sales video gives a very false impression of what can really be achieved for a beginner Affiliate Marketer.

It's products like this that give genuine Affiliate Marketing training programs a bad name and reputation. 

Sales videos like this present Affiliate Marketing as a super simple way to make thousands of dollars online with little to no time and experience. 

But Affiliate marketing is not as simple as they make it out to be. 

So, if you're looking for a training program that teaches you affiliate marketing without hype and false promises, here's what to do next...

Click the GREEN button below to get access to the starter membership today...completely FREE.

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Let's discuss:

What did you think of this Wealth Academy review?

Are you an Affiliate Marketer? What methods do you use to earn an income online?

What are your thoughts on Affiliate Marketing with Amazon?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.


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Deraj - October 7, 2018

Although Wealthy Academy sounds like Wealthy Affiliate but also now I know that Wealthy Affiliate is far better than Wealth Academy from your review. Thanks for this detailed review.

Queen - October 4, 2018

It really bugs me the way these people are so determined in exthorting money from innocent and desperate people looking to earn money online. Imagine promising $8k a day with a set system! Ofcourse they know this is the kind of hype that will get someone to pick interest. Personally I would have considered such system if i didnt know any better. Thanks to people like you who are exposing their scams. I have been in affiliate marketing for awhile now and I havent earned anything close to this figure, how much more a beginner.

    Stephanie - October 5, 2018

    Hi Queen, thanks for joining the discussion and sharing your thoughts. It’s always good to see your comments. 🙂 All the best!

Abel Dennis - October 4, 2018

When it sounds too good to be true, then is probably not true. One thing I always say is that greed is a major factor of getting scam online, it will be hard and difficult to fall into most of these overhyped and overpromised possibilities of making money online. The truth is I will not even check out such product because I know there is a green sneak under the green grass. Well, I must say thank you for a great job, how you explain and pinpoint factor for the red flag, it was nicely done.

    Stephanie - October 5, 2018

    Yes, I agree. In most cases, when something is too good to be true, it usually is. Glad to hear you are aware of such scammy claims and would stay away from sites that use them. Thanks for commenting, and all the best!

Simon - October 4, 2018

Wealth Academy must be amongst the most overhyped get rich quick schemes out there – is anybody really this gullible to believe you can make $8,000 per day with a set & forget system. If these systems worked, we’d all be involved – heck!
Who is un-surnamed Richard anyway? All these types of systems make their money from upsells and if you don’t purchase them you can’t successfully refer. Wow, I smell a rat.
Is there a genuine Affiliate Program out there that comprises an all-inclusive membership with no ongoing upsells Stephanie?
Thanks for exposing Wealthy Academy,

    Stephanie - October 4, 2018

    I agree this product is VERY overhyped! It may seem strange that anyone would believe such high-income claims, but the reason these products thrive is that they make us believe those income results are possible. That’s why I feel it’s important to review such products and let potential users know the truth.

    If you’re looking for a legitimate affiliate program that has no overhyped claims or expensive upsells, then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can check it out here

    All the best!

Anatolie - October 3, 2018

Hi Stephanie,

It looks like the Internet is getting more and more full of scam products and programs.

I am myself an affiliate marketer and I can say strongly that this is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme, but a lucrative one that demands time and work. It depends only on you how much effort you put into this business for achieving your goals. This is a real business!

However, due to some programs like Wealth Academy people tend to consider affiliate marketing as fake.

I totally agree with you, it’s not impossible to get 4 figure income daily, but you should be involved in more affiliate programs, not only Amazon, and it takes time and hard work to get this results.

Thanks to some reviews like yours, people can avoid these programs and they can enroll in others that are really useful. As you wrote, Wealthy Affiliate is one of them.

    Stephanie - October 4, 2018

    Hi Anatolie, thanks for joining the discussion today. I agree, more and more “overhyped” scammy products are making a storm through the internet. It’s such a shame cause it gives the legitimate programs a bad name.

    I agree, Affiliate Marketing shouldn’t just be limited to one source, like Amazon, there should be other programs involved to get more results.

Sean - October 3, 2018

Yeah. Affiliate Marketing programs that overpromise and underdeliver are rampant in Clickbank, it seems. Always has been and always will be, I guess.

At least Clickbank has a track record of honoring their vendors’ 60 day money-back guarantees, even if the vendor wants to play the “you didn’t follow the return policy” game.

Well, looks like you’re off to a great start. Keep going at it.

    Stephanie - October 4, 2018

    Hi Sean, thanks for commenting and joining the discussion. I agree, at least we can count on the 60-day money back guarantee, but I also wish Clickbank would filter out such programs from their marketplace.


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