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Sqribble Review – Is This The Best Software To Create An Ebook Fast?!

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Calling fellow bloggers and internet marketers...

Have you heard about the new product everyone's talking about?

Chances are you've reached this page because you're looking for an unbiased review of Sqribble.

And you probably also want to know "Is Sqribble the best software to create an ebook online...hassle free?"

If that's the case, then I want to say "congrats" for taking the time to do the research for yourself and discover the truth about this product. 

In this review, I aim to give delve deeper into the features of the product and give you my unbiased opinion of Sqribble.

Not only that but if you keep reading till the end of the post, I'll introduce you to the awesome tool I personally use to create ebooks online, fast.

So, without wasting any more time, here's a quick glance at what you can expect in this review...


What Is Sqribble?

sqribble software to create an ebook

Sqribble is an online software that allows you to create eBooks fast and without a ton of effort. 

This powerful tool was created by 2 successful internet marketers, Adeel Chowdhry and Ali Chowdhry.

The purpose of Sqribble is to take away the hard parts of creating an eBook and to eliminate the need to hire freelance writers that cost hundreds of dollars.

The 3 biggest headaches of creating eBooks, as identified by the Sqribble creators are:

  • Writing the content for eBooks
  • Designing the graphics for the eBook cover
  • Formatting the eBook content to make it eye-catching

Sqribble is designed to tackle these "headaches" and make creating eBooks fun and fast for everybody.

Why Are eBooks Important For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs?

Ebooks are useful in creating a buzz around your topic and for condensing your content into a portable file that your readers and followers can access anywhere, online and offline. 

With eBooks you can create:

  • Lead Magnets to help you build your email list
  • Reports for your students if you have an online course
  • Ebooks to giveaway to your blog audience 
  • Plus publish and sell your books as an author

These are just a few ways in which you can make use of eBooks, and how an eBook software like Sqribble can make it easy for you to develop an eye-catching, high-quality book, in minutes. 

What Is Included In The Sqribble Software?

When you purchase the Sqribble product, you will get access to 3 main features:

  1. Sqribble software
  2. Agency Rights (so you can sell the designs as your own)
  3. Training Centre (which will teach you how to use the software)

Not only that but with the Sqribble software, you can create more than just ebooks. Here are some other types of content you can create:

How Sqribble Can Help You Create Ebooks?

Sqribble works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Pick A Template

There are 50 pre-made designs for you to choose from, so there's a range of options available, no matter which topic/niche you want to focus on. 

Step 2: Add Instant Content

Sqribble has a feature which allows you to pull content from blog posts to create instant ebooks. 

You can also add content instantly by:

  • Copying your blog URL (blog link)
  • Using Sqribble's selection of niche articles
  • Starting from scratch (this option will take much longer)

Step 3: Customise & Publish

You'll find many different customisation features available for you to add your own personal branding to the ebook templates.

How Much Does Sqribble Cost?

The main Sqribble software costs $67 as a one time fee.

Along with this, there are other products/upsells which are also available, (which you can also purchase separately).

I will delve into these further below:

Sqribble Software - $47 $67

This is the main software you'll be using to create your ebooks and PDF content. 

As well as creating eBooks, you also get agency rights so you can go on to sell your books.

Plus, the owners of Sqribble have given you access to a personal website, but I'm not sure how much functionality there will be with that. 

Sqribble Professional - $97

The professional edition gives you more features that aren't included in the main software. 

You get access to:

  • 150 more templates
  • An enhanced content engine
  • Unlimited storage
  • 1,000s of images, customisations and layouts
  • ...and more

Sqribble Prime - $47

With the Sqribble Prime monthly, you're given access to a private club that expands your library with hand-crafted niche templates for 1 year.

Sqribble Fantasia 3D - $77

With this upsell, you get the opportunity to bring your ebooks to life with 3D Flipbook functionality. 

Auto Job Finder - $197

This software "finds" freelance opportunities online that allows you to use your new software to land ebook creator jobs.

With Sqribble, you should be able to create ebooks easily, and this extra software supposedly links you to people looking for that service. 

This provides an additional way for you to make money online with Adeel and Ali's products.

Sqribble Review [VIDEO]


  • Create ebooks fast and easily
  • Takes away the hassle of designing and formatting ebooks
  • Low cost for the main product 
  • Don't need to have the upsells to use the main product
  • Can create high-quality ebooks and reports
  • Lifetime access


  • Limited ebook storage in the main software - You need to purchase the Pro Edition in order to get unlimited ebook storage.
  • Need to pay more than double the price for the Flipbook and eCover features
  • Their support team uses a ticketing system - So you could be waiting more than a day for a response

Is There An Alternative? YES, Here's What I Use Instead!

Now that you've had a chance to discover the details about Sqribble, I wanted to share with you my personal best software to create an ebook...


I have been using Designrr since Feb 2018, and I've been able to create a number of eBooks fast by copying my blog URL to create PDF guides for my blog posts. 

With Designrr, you get slightly more features for your lifetime offer, and right now you can catch it for only $27 (LIMITED TIME ONLY).

With Designrr you get:

  • Unlimited eBook storage space
  • Image and Photo editor included
  • Ability to customise templates easily
  • The option to import from URL, Word documents and Facebook pages
  • To publish directly to Kindle, iBooks and ePub
  • Flipbook and eCover generators included in the membership
  • ==> All this for just a $27 lifetime fee [Limited Time Only]

Here's a sneak peek at some of the eBooks/Lead magnets I've created since I began my membership.

designrr best software to create an ebook

As a member of Designrr, I have built ebooks and toolkits which have allowed me to grow my email list successfully.

Thanks to Designrr, I was able to build my list by 100+ subscribers in just 3 months.

Overall, my experience with Designrr has been really positive and I am able to easily create eye-catching eBooks in minutes by copying and pasting content I have already written and making a few formatting tweaks.

If you're looking for the best software to create an ebook for your blog or marketing promotions, then you'll be getting a steal of a price if you opt in for Designrr's $27 lifetime special offer!

Final Thoughts - Is Sqribble The Best Software To Create An Ebook?

Thank you for taking the time to read this Sqribble review.

So, is Sqribble the best software to create an ebook online, fast?

It's a really good software, however, I feel that there is TOO much hype around it.

Yes, I believe it can create results, and Yes I believe it will allow you to create ebooks quickly and easily.

But...will Sqribble really stand the test of time?

I know my recommended option, Designrr, has been running since 2016, and I believe they will still be running next year, the year after that, and many more years to come.  

Additionally, I feel that there are too many upsells with Sqribble, but With Designrr, what you see is what you get.

I purchased my Designrr membership when the lifetime fee was $97...so for only $27, it's an absolute no-brainer!!

Discover Why I Believe Designrr Is The Best Software To Create Ebooks Online, Fast & Easy! 

Let's discuss:

What did you think of this Sqribble review?

Do you think Sqribble is the best software to create eBooks online?

If not, what do you think of Designrr?

Are you creating ebooks already? What tools do you use?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.

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Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 23 comments
Andrew - April 29, 2019

Based on your blog, i went to buy deignerrr and it seems much of what isnoromised here is an upgrade such as kindle publishing and 3d. Very disappointed that designerr uses the usual upsale at the end. 97/yr btw. The opposite of what designerrr and you promised.

    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi Andrew, thank you for commenting. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get access to the features you had expected. As the Designrr offer was for a limited time only, it’s possible they may have made changes to their offer.

    In this situation, I would recommend contacting the Designrr support team about this and see what they can suggest/offer you. The team are quite quick to respond and have been very helpful in my experience.

    I hope it works out for you, and I will also amend my blog post accordingly.

    All the best

James - April 26, 2019

Hi there, Stephanie. Great review I’ve been looking for a few on Sqribble (that’s a funky spelling isn’t it) and I see you’ve recommended designrr instead. I did see this some time last year and bought it because I thought it was kinda neat. I suppose I will stick to my current ebook creator rather than go with sqribble this time.
Thanks for a great review, the video helped a lot.

    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi James, thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. There are quite a few limitations to Sqribble, so if you have an ebook tool that’s working well for you then I’d encourage you to stick with it..and hope you make some great ebooks with it!

    Wishing you all the best

Dan Strong - March 18, 2019

Hi Stephanie,

Wow, what a great and thorough review. I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful. I haven’t gotten to the point of creating an e-book yet but I have always wondered what someone used to make one. I feel relieved now that I know that there is at least some type of software to help with that. The big con for me I think would be the limited storage as you mentioned. I would assume people that typically write e-books are going to write more than one and would need the storage. You have really given me a lot to consider here and I have a much better idea of what to look for. Designrr sounds really great too and probably what I would lean towards. Thank you for writing this review.

    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi Dan, thanks for commenting and joining the discussion. Yes, it is a shame that Sqribble has limited storage. Personally, Designrr has always been my go-to ebook tool and it’s one I recommend for anyone, especially beginners, wanting to get into creating ebooks for their business.

    Wishing you all the best!

Andrew J Titcombe - December 4, 2018

Thanks Stephanie. I already got Sqribble but was impressed with your Designerr review so have now followed your link and purchased that. Was a bit overwhelmed with Sqribble so I think Designerer will be a better bet for me. Found you pn a Google search and am glad I did!

    Stephanie - December 5, 2018

    Hi Andrew thank you so much for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear Sqribble was too overwhelming for you…but glad you’ve found a better option in Designrr. How are you finding it so far?

    Glad to see my SEO work is paying off too 🙂

    All the best!

John - November 23, 2018

Thanks for this comprehensive review of Squibble Stephanie!

I did briefly look into this product a little while ago but didn’t pick it up.

I’m glad I didn’t however, because after checking out this review, although it looks like a good product, your recommended product Designrr, sounds like a much better option!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and great review!


Angela - November 12, 2018

I am glad that I came across your article. I am new to blogging, well, a few months into it actually. The idea of creating an ebook (in the future of course) has crossed my mind. I thank you for the information that you provided. For now I am kept busy learning and creating content for my newly created website. You have certainly given me some food for thought. Have a great day!

    Stephanie - November 16, 2018

    Hi Angela, thanks for joining in the discussion. I’m glad to hear my post has given you something to refer to when you decide to create an ebook. Wishing you all the best and a great day also.

Kavitha - November 12, 2018

Sqribble seems to be a great software for creating e-book. Thanks for sharing this great post. This really gonna help for creating my e-book. Thanks again.

    Stephanie - November 14, 2018

    Hi Kavita, thanks for commenting. Sqribble looks like a good product, but my personal recommendation is Designrr as I’ve got personal experience with it, and I feel it will stand the test of time in comparison to Sqribble. Good luck creating your ebook, I’d love to know which software you go with when you get round to it.

Jim - November 12, 2018

Hey Stephanie,

I really appreciate your review sqribble and the subsequent add-ons. I guess that’s where they might really getcha. I have been looking for some software to help me create a few ebooks for my online site. I just want something basic to provide my readers with some short and to the point ebooks. I have gotten myself confused with some of word press options. Is Designrr that easy to use? I cannot see myself writing more than 10 ebooks, and I just want some good covers that don’t look too basic.

    Stephanie - November 14, 2018

    Hi Jim, thanks for joining the discussion. I agree, the upsells are where your money could go right past the initial $47. Luckily, with Designrr, pretty much all the features are included in the $27 lifetime fee. And even if you don’t get round to creating your ebook now, you’ll have it for life so it’s there when you are ready.

    I personally find Designrr easy to use. At first, there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you can create books in minutes. I used to take 1-2hrs with all the features, but after a few runs, I was able to do it in 15-30 minutes with my blog URLs.

    Hope that answers your questions. All the best.

phyllis - November 10, 2018

Wow that is very helpful Stephanie.I have bookmarked it in case I want to do an e book later, but I also am sending a link to my brother who is considering an e book. Awesome post

    Stephanie - November 14, 2018

    Hi Phyllis, thanks for sharing your thoughts, and thanks for bookmarking. I hope your brother finds the software helpful too.

Andrew - November 10, 2018

Hi. This sqribble software looks quite good. However, when you started talking about Designrr I had to check it out through your link and I became totally hooked. This is something I will add to my tools with the intention of building an email list by offering ebooks as giveaways. Thanks for sharing this very reasonably priced product that has the potential of saving me lots of time now and will hopefully help me to build a more successful business in the future.
Many thanks 🙂

    Stephanie - November 16, 2018

    Hi Andrew, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Designrr is definitely one of my go-to online tools. I feel it will have a longer duration online compared to Squibble, especially as there’s less hype with Designrr.

    I’m glad to hear you’ve now got a new tool to help you save time when creating ebooks and building your list.

    Wishing you all the best…and don’t forget to share some of your new ebook creations 🙂

Boby - November 10, 2018

As a website owner myself, I’ve been thinking about creating my own eBook.
Not quite ready to do that yet, but I will in the future.
And you are saving me a lot of time for research – now I know what I’m going to need before I start.
Sqribble looks like an excellent solution.
Thanks for sharing this post, I have the feeling I’ll need all that information sooner rather than later!

    Stephanie - November 16, 2018

    Hi Boby, glad to hear you’re thinking of creating ebooks in the future, and that my post has saved you some time researching the best software to create an ebook online.

    Wishing you all the best!

Chris Chong - November 10, 2018

Thanks for the brilliant review for sqribble. Little did I know that there’s such a great software to create ebooks at an affordable price for most people.

Ya right, I believe the company will continue to operate for as long as it can go. That’s because they offer almost the same value for companies like what wealthy affiliate and mythemeshop has to offer for its subscribers.

Perhaps I’ll consider getting one copy for myself if I ever decide to focus my marketing efforts on email marketing 🙂

    Stephanie - November 16, 2018

    Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Although I prefer to use Designrr software to create an ebook online, Squibble is still a good tool for the same purpose.

    When you do finally decide to focus on email marketing I hope you’ll remember this post :).

    All the best!


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