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6 Best Smartphone Apps To Help You Sell Your Used Clothes Online Today!

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Have you noticed you've got a ton of clothes in your wardrobe that you hardly ever wear?

Wardrobe and drawers, not closing because there's too much stuff?

Well, the great news is, there are apps that make it easier than ever to get rid of your old clothes online and earn some extra cash along the way.

In today's post, I'm going to help you discover 6 best smartphone apps to help you sell your used clothes online today.

Plus, I'll be sharing some of my personal top tips to help you make the most of these apps!

Here's a quick preview of what you can expect...


1) Shpock

Best for: Selling used clothes (and other stuff) locally

Charges/Fees: No seller fees or charges

Shpock is an app that allows you to sell used (and new) items locally. It's a great way to get rid of any unused/unwanted clothes, and it's super easy to list your items on the app. 

You can have up to 5 pictures per item, so make sure you take the pictures that'll show the true nature of your item.

Plus, it's always a good idea to be as detailed and descriptive as possible in your listing.


You can set your own prices, and as it's an app more suitable for local selling, then you don't have to think about postage costs.

There is a premium upgrade available if you want to increase your listing exposure, but this may be better for you if you are a small business. Otherwise, the free account is very good for passing on a few clothes.


As Shpock is focused on local sales, you won't be dealing much with shipping on this app.

Once your buyer has made an offer on your item and you've accepted it, the both of you can arrange when/how to meet up to exchange the item, then you can receive the money in hand.

Steph's Quick Tip:

If you'd rather not meet people in real life, then you have the option of offering shipping in your listing's description, which I am currently doing, and then you can get them to pay you via Paypal. 

However, this may impact your sales as most people will be looking for local sales so they can get the item and see it in person before paying.

Just be sure to make them fully aware of the shipping option before accepting any offers.

How You Get Paid:

Payment is made when you meet the buyer in person, or if you're shipping the item, then you can create a Paypal invoice and receive payment before shipping the item.


  • No seller fees
  • Quick + easy to list items
  • Free to use


  • No option to add postage - You'll have to add this manually
  • Some users reporting not always getting app notifications so you might miss out on important updates

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2) eBay

sell your used clothes online with ebay

Best for: Everything, selling used and new clothes + other items

Charges/Fees: 10% seller fees + Paypal fees

eBay has been around for 20+ years and is one of the best go to places to find second hand (and new) items. 

Despite the idea that eBay is not as popular anymore, it is still a top place to find used clothes in great condition. 

A few years back I bought a pair of American Eagle jeans from eBay as I couldn't seem to find the pair I wanted anywhere else after the stores closed in the UK

So, it's still a great way to sell your used clothes online and earn some extra cash. 

It's important to remember to include as many relevant keywordsas possible in your listing title, in order to maximise the chance of your listing being seen. 

Also, when you sell anything on eBay you will need to pay 10% eBay fees, and then a Paypal fee.

eBay is a really good way to reach shoppers internationally, and you can ship out your items, so be sure to include shipping costs when pricing your items.


It's important to list your items competitively on eBay. You have the option of offering buyers to bid on your item. In this case, I would encourage you to list at the lowest amount you're willing to accept for the item. 

However, auctions listed at 99p tend to get more views. Therefore, in this case, you could start the auction at 99p, but include the postage. So if your item sells then at least you've covered the postage costs and anything above that is profit. 

Or...you can list your item as "Buy It Now", where you set a fixed price on your item. This is more appealing for buyers who want the item fast. 

Don't forget to think about the seller fees. 


The shipping costs are up to you, but if you want to increase your chance of getting sales, then I would try to list the shipping costs in the price of the item, and then offer it as free shipping. 

For example, if you're selling an item for £20 and shipping is £3, then list the item as £23 and mention free shipping. This way you've covered all the costs necessary.

How You Get Paid:

Payment is made through Paypal, so if you're a regular seller then the money gets sent to your Paypal account instantly, then you can either keep it in your Paypal balance or withdraw to your bank account which takes a few hours. 

Note: If you're new to selling on eBay, then Paypal will hold your payments for 1 month before they release it, incase you have buyer return or dispute the item. After this time then you'll get payments instantly.


  • International reach
  • More buyers available compared to other apps
  • Payments via Paypal


  • eBay listing fees - however there are times in the year when eBay offer 0p listing fees
  • 10% eBay fees when an item is sold
  • Can be a bit more time consuming to list items in comparison to other apps

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3) Vinted

sell your used clothes online with vinted

Best for: Selling used clothes and other fashion accessories

Charges/Fees: No seller fees

At the time of writing, Vinted has been advertised a lot on UK TV, and as a result, it's getting a lot more exposure. 

Similar to Shpock, you can list items quickly and easily, it's free to join and you can start listing right away. 

They also offer "item bumps", which allows you to increase the visibility of your item, for a fee of course. 


There are no seller or listing fees with Vinted, which is great! It means you get 100% of the profit.


With Vinted you're able to add shipping costs to your listings. As you go through the steps of listing your item you'll need to select the shipping size. Luckily they give you estimates to make it easier for you to select the size. 

You're also able to select which shipping providers you would like to offer. E.g. Royal Mail, Hermes etc. 

How You Get Paid:

When you make a sale the money (including shipping) is added to your Vinted balance.

Once the item is delivered the money is held temporarily until the buyer confirms everything is ok with the order. 

As soon as everything is confirmed, you can withdraw to a bank account, which will take 3-4 days. 

(Hopefully, they'll introduce Paypal payments in the near future, for faster payouts).


  • Free to join + list items
  • No seller fees
  • Able to ship items


  • Earnings stored so will take some days before you receive payment
  • Not able to payout via Paypal

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4) Depop

sell your used clothes online with depop

Best for: Selling used clothes, especially retro and vintage

Charges/Fees: 10% on total transactions (including shipping)

Depop is a very popular selling app, and its popularity has really grown in recent years. 

It's known as a mix between eBay and Instagram.

Depop allows you to add a caption with more info about the product, in a style very similar to Instagram. 

Additionally, you get to build your own community of sellers and buyers, much like how you would on Instagram.

It's free to join and list on Depop, and you get to set your own item price + shipping costs. 

Unlike Shpock, which offers local sales, you have the option to offer national and international shipping.

You can add up to 4 images of your item, and include a video as well. 

I think the addition of a video makes Depop more unique, and it gives the buyer a better feel for what they are purchasing. 


The app is free to download, and it's free to list items, however, you are charged 10% on the total transaction (including shipping)


Similar to Vinted, you have the option to ship out your items, and you can select the costs. 

How You Get Paid:

Once a sale has been made, the money is sent securely via Paypal. You can either keep the money in your Paypal account, or you can withdraw to your bank account. 


  • Payments sent via Paypal
  • Instagram style makes the app more interesting
  • Buyer and seller protection


  • Better for retro and vintage items
  • 10% transaction fees

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5) Mercari

sell your used clothes online with mercari

Best for: Selling clothes and other fashion accessories

Charges/Fees: No sneaky fees

Mercari is another popular way to sell your used clothes online today.

Not only are you able to sell your clothes, but you can sell other fashion accessories on the app also. 

It's free to join, and you can start listing right away. 

You have the option to accept offers on your item, which gives the buyer an opportunity to negotiate on the price.

==> Sign up with my invite code DHYHGJ and you'll get a free £5 voucher to spend!


There are no sneaky fees, which means there are no seller or listing fees.


When you upload an item, all costs shown to the buyer will include the cost of the item and postage.

Just like Vinted and Depop, your items will be shipped out to buyers, so it's important to include those costs in the price of your items.

How You Get Paid:

Payment is made when both the buyer and seller have rated each other.

The money goes into your Mercari balance, similar to Vinted, and once the buyer has rated you can withdraw to your bank, which takes 3 working days. 

Luckily, if the buyer doesn't rate, Mercari will do this automatically after 4-9 days. 


  • No seller or listing fees
  • Able to ship items
  • Can receive payments via Paypal


  • Have to wait to be rated before receiving payment
  • Not currently able to "bump" listings for more exposure

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6) FaceBook MarketPlace

sell your used clothes online with Facebook marketplace

Best for: Selling used clothes (and other stuffl) locally

Charges/Fees: No seller fees

Selling on Facebook marketplace is very similar to selling on Shpock in that the items are available for selling locally.


You set the prices for your items, and there are currently no listing or seller fees.


As you'll be selling locally, there are no official options to ship the items. Majority of the sales are made in person.

How You Get Paid:

Payments will be made in person when the buyer meets you to collect the item. 


  • Large reach as many people have FB accounts
  • Can sell locally, which is good for bulky items
  • No need to think about shipping costs


  • No option to provide shipping, so need to meet in real life with the buyer

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Top Tips To Help You Sell Your Used Clothes Online

1. Focus on photos

Photos are the first thing your potential buyer sees before they click on your item, so make sure your photos are clear and show as much of the item as possible.

2. Be honest with your descriptions

In your listings, it's so important for you to mention as much as you can about the item. 

If it has any wear and tear then you should mention it. 

The worst thing you can do is list your item as "like new", then when your buyer receives it, it's more like "used, used and more used". 

So just be aware of this. It's better you buyer knows what they're getting before they receive it so at least they can give you a positive rating and you'll get the money with no disputes.

3. Interact with potential buyers

On most of these apps, you'll find that there are ways for sellers and buyers to interact. This is a good way for you to answer questions your potential buyers have and you can show your potential buyer that you're a serious seller. 

Most, if not all, of these apps will provide notifications of any messages from buyers, so be sure to respond as soon as possible. 

4. Add a personal touch

Although I haven't done this much myself, I can imagine it'll make a real difference if you add a personal touch to your items, and it's something I'm thinking about doing in the near future. 

Think about sending out a little thank you card/message to your buyers, add some coloured tissue paper etc. 

Just give your items a personal touch and you're more likely to get a positive review/rating, and therefore more likely to receive your payment and more sales in the future.

5. Keywords are key!

When listing your items, be sure to include relevant keywords so potential buyers are able to find your items. 

As you begin listing, think about what you might type in the search bar if you were looking for an item like that. 

Some apps don't have a lot of characters available for the title so you might have to think creatively. 

6. Use more than one app to sell

I would encourage you to list on your items on more than one app.

What doesn't sell on one app might sell on another, so to maximise your earning potential it's better to list on more than one app.

Alternative To Selling Used Clothes Online

If you've been selling used products online and you're looking for an alternative way to make some extra money, then I like to recommend Affiliate Marketing.

Instead of selling products yourself, you become the middleman and promote products that other people are selling. Then you earn a commission for the sale. 

Affiliate marketing differs from online selling because:

  • There's no need to keep any inventory
  • You don't need to meet people or ship items
  • Plus, in some cases, you don't even need to interact with any customers

There's tons of Affiliate Marketing training online, however, I recommend one in particular.

With my #1 recommended training platform, you get to learn Affiliate Marketing from scratch, and the best part is, it's 100% free to join, so there's nothing to lose.

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Please note, this is NOT some "get rich quick" scheme and there are definitely NO false promises.

I followed the Affiliate Training step-by-step and was able to grow my monthly earnings with one of my affiliate programs.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 6 best smartphone apps to help you sell your used clothes online today. 

As well as giving you an overview of 6 different apps, I thought it'd also be a good idea to share some of my tops tips, from previous experience,  to help you get the most out of these apps. 

There are a few options for you to choose from so you should be able to make your first sale very soon!

I'd love to hear how you get on...

Let's discuss:

Do you sell your used clothes online?

If so, which is your favourite app/website?

Do you have any other app suggestions or tips for people interested in selling their used clothes online?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.

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6 best smartphone apps to sell your used clothes online today

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This post is very interesting! I’ve actually never considered selling my clothes online, it’s always been donate it to charity. Now I’m thinking what better way to make some extra cash than to sell it. I have lots of unused clothing in my wardrobe.

Thanks for the eye opener!

    Stephanie - November 3, 2018

    Hey Kevin, thanks for commenting, and glad it’s given you an idea of another way to make money online. All the best!


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