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how much money can you earn using affiliate marketing

How Much Money Can You Earn Using Affiliate Marketing? 4 Bloggers Reveal Their 4-Figure Success!

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If you've ever wondered "how much money can you earn using Affiliate Marketing?", then you've made it to the right post!

Today we'll be uncovering the successes of 4 affiliate bloggers, and how my #1 training program helped them achieve their current 4-figure affiliate incomes online. 

So, stay tuned, and also discover how you can use these success stories to motivate you to begin your own journey to achieving affiliate income online. 

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect...


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Success Story #1 - Jerry

how much money can you earn using affiliate marketing wealthy affiliate success story 1

Who is Jerry: Jerry is a 21-year old member of Wealthy Affiliate, who has been building an affiliate business since he was 18 years old. 

Thanks to the training and support offered at Wealthy Affiliate, he has reached 4 figure income status and purchased his very own customised MacBook Pro (read about it here).

The road for Jerry wasn't easy, but his hard work and determination have really paid off, and he has now received his official invite to VEGAS with the Wealthy Affiliate owners!

Recent Earnings: $6.2k in October '18

Growth: From $0/month - $6.2k/month in 10 months

Tips/Words For Beginners: "To Be Successful, focus on the lessons & learning points that other people shared"

"It's NOT about what others have accomplished. It's about what YOU CAN accomplish"

- Jerry 

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Success Story #2 - Grace (aka LittleMama)

how much money can you earn using affiliate marketing wealthy affiliate success story 2

Who is Grace: Grace is a stay at home mother of 2, who has been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2016. 

She's work very hard to get to the point of 4 figures per month, while also taking care of her family.

Thanks to her persistence and the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate, she was able to go from earning just $71/month, to earning $4.9k/month, in just 1 year. 

Not only that but just like Jerry, she has also received her official invitation to VEGAS, with the Wealthy Affiliate owners. 

Plus, she's even created her own series of training to help other beginner affiliates get themselves on the "Road To Vegas". Click here to watch her "Road To Vegas" Video Training Series. 

Recent Earnings: $4.9k in August '18

Time To Reach: 24 months (1 year)

Growth: From $71/month to $4.9k/month in just 1 year

Tips/Words For Beginners: "I'm living proof the training works here and anyone who wants to work hard at this on a consistent basis could make this work."

"If a stay at home mom can do this, so can you"

- Grace

Success Story #3 - Miren

how much money can you earn using affiliate marketing wealthy affiliate success story 3

Who is Miren: Miren is a 20-year-old from Spain who has spent the past year growing her affiliate blog to 4 figure success, thanks to the training at Wealthy Affiliate. 

Although she joined back in 2016, she admits to procrastinating her first year. But by 2017, she took things more seriously and fully implemented the training.

Now, she's "finally broke 4 digits!"

Recent Earnings: $1,357 in October '18

Time To Reach: 1 year

Growth: From $0/month to $1,357/month in just 1 year

Tips/Words For Beginners:

  • Follow the training
  • Complete all the tasks
  • Never give up

"Continue putting in the effort and time just like you have been doing. You know your purpose so don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

- Miren

Success Story #4 - Zarina

how much money can you earn using affiliate marketing wealthy affiliate success story 4

Who is Zarina: Zarina is a fellow premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, living in Canada. 

After 2 days of being a free member, Zarina quickly upgraded her account and hasn't looked back since.

She recently built an Amazon niche site which was able to earn her $1,585 in October '18 after 1 year of building her site. 

With the guidance from Wealthy Affiliate, Zarina is focused on building profitable websites that aim to help people.

Recent Earnings: $1,585 in October '18

Time To Reach: 6 months+

Growth: From $172/month - $1,585/month in just 6 months

Tips/Words For Beginners: 

  • Follow the training
  • Connect with others and ask questions
  • Do the work and be patient

"Patience, work & proper knowledge on SEO work pays off"

- Zarina

Final Thoughts - Finding Inspiration In Other People's Successes

Now that I've given you a glimpse into how much money you can earn using Affiliate Marketing, I hope you see these success stories as a way of being inspired.

It's easy to look at these stories and feel defeated or feel like you're to doing enough. 

But my aim here is to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE you, and to guide you to a training platform that could help supercharge your success online. 

Not only has Wealthy Affiliate help me earn a monthly income online, but it's helped these 4 members (and countless others), reached the 4-figure goal!

If you want this to be a part of your success story, then click the GREEN button below to create your free account today, and:

"Make your dream of success a reality"

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What are your thoughts on how much money can you make using affiliate marketing?

Are you an Affiliate Marketer, aspiring or experienced? What tools/training do you use to make an affiliate income online?

What do you think of these success stories? Were they inspiring for you?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.

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