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3 Easy Ways To Get Paid By Listening To Music Online

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Most, if not all, of us enjoy listening to music in one way or another. 

But have you ever wondered if you could make money online listening to music?

How great would it be to earn a few extra dollars while you chill to your favourite radio station, and/or learn some new songs along the way?

That's what I'll be sharing in today's post, 3 easy ways to get paid by listening to music online.

And, all these sites are 100% free to join!

Here's what you can expect in this post...


1) Slice The Pie

get paid by listening to music slice the pie

What Is SliceThePie(STP)?

Slice the pie is one of my recommended ways to get paid by listening to music online.

It was one of the first sites I was introduced to when I started making money online, and it's still a site I use as a way to make a little extra cash.

How Does It Work?

 It's really easy to sign up and get started. 

You'll be presented with a music track to listen too, and after about 90 seconds you can submit your review.

The site has changed its look since I joined, and at first you could only review music. But now, you're able to also earn money reviewing fashion items, commercial videos and TV series.

How Much Can You Earn?

You can expect to earn around $0.03-0.60 per review.

As you complete more reviews, your star rating will start to go up and you can begin earning more money per review.

Some reviews I've been able to earn up to $0.53.

Sometimes STP offers higher rates for reviews. You usually will receive an email when this happens, and for a period of time they'll pay out more per review.

So, for example you may get to earn $0.20/review.

Do just 5 reviews and you've made a $1.

Are The Other Ways To Earn?

1. Surveys:

Sometimes you may receive emails about surveys which you can complete for cash.

It doesn't happen often, but it's a nice additional when it does happen.

So it's worth keeping an eye on your emails.

The last survey I did I made $1 for completing it. It wasn't very long either. 

2. Referrals:

You can further earn money from the site by referring others. You get to earn 20% of your referrals earnings for the first 60 days, then you'll earn 10%.

If you'd like to join as my referral, my code is: UFC007A4 

Payment Proof

STP pays via Paypal. I've written a full SliceThePie Review, where you can see my payment proof, as well as a few ideas to help you write quality reviews. 

Extra Info

STP also has a mobile app, which you can use to earn money on the go. This is the method I've been using to write reviews as it's very convenient.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Can listen to new music and view some of the latest brand trends
  • Get rewarded for your opinion
  • The more reviews you do the more money you can earn
  • Doesn't require a lot of effort
  • Pays in cash rather than points
  • Pays via Paypal


  • Medium Payout Threshold - although it's a $10 threshold, it may take a while to reach that amount, especially in the beginning when you're only paid about $0.03 per review
  • Payment can be low for some reviews
  • Your review may not be accepted if it doesn't have enough quality so you'll have to reword it, which can be time consuming. 

2) RadioLoyalty

get paid by listening to music online radioloyalty

What Is RadioLoyalty?

RadioLoyalty is a site that rewards users for listening to the radio.

There are over 5,000 stations to choose from, so you might be able to find a station that you enjoy listening to.

It's completely free to join and open to all countries (except those that prohibit such services)

How Does It Work?

You select the radio station you want to listen to, then you need to listen in order to receive your points, which are awarded every 10 mins.

How Much Can You Earn?

Don't expect to get rich using RadioLoyalty.

It's just a way to make a little extra cash for little to no effort. You can have the radio on in the background through the day in order to let the points add up. 

When you sign up you can earn up to 250 points, then an extra 1,000 points to complete your profile. 

When you've earned enough points you can cash out via their reward store. The earning threshold is quite high unfortunately. You need 294,000 points, which is equivalent to $25, in order to cash out. 

Are There Other Ways To Earn?

Yes, there are a few other ways you can earn with RadioLoyalty:

  • Using the share feature in the universal player (up to 12 shares a day)
  • Using apps in the universal player (up to 10 uses a day)
  • Using the "rate the song" feature (up to 24 ratings a day)
  • Completing offers and surveys (you're likely to reach the cash out threshold much faster using this method, so long as you're able to qualify for the surveys) 

Extra Info

RadioLoyalty also has a mobile app for Apple and Android, which you can use to earn points on the go. 


  • Can earn listening to music
  • Requires little to no effort
  • Other ways to earns points available
  • Downloadable mobile apps for listening on the go. (however, may use a lot of data if you're not connected to wifi)


  • Uses points system rather than cash
  • High payout threshold
  • May use up a lot of RAM (which some users have reported)
  • Not always credited for your time
  • Can't redeem via Paypal

Due to some of these cons above, I mostly recommend using the following sites below if you'd like to earn while listening to the radio.

4) RadioEarn

get paid by listening to music online radioearn

What Is RadioEarn?

RadioEarn is a website that pays you to listen to the radio online. 

It's not as old as the 2 sites I've listed above, but it's a legitimate site that requires little to no effort.

It's a simple way to get paid by listening to music online. 

How Does It Work?

You get paid when you listen to the radio.

You can listen to up for 4 stations at the same time, and you can have them running in the background, which makes this a way to earn some passive income.

Watch the video below to get further details about how RadioEarn works.

How Much Can You Earn?

Just like the other 2 methods, you will not get rich using this website. 

For every 15 minutes you listen to the radio you earn 0.25 points, which is 1 point per hour. 

1000 points is approximately $3.50, and the minimum payout is $5.

This means, you'd need about 1500 points before you can cash out, so you can see that it would take a long time to cash out if you only listen to the radio. 

The good thing is, there are a few other ways to earn.

Are There Other Ways To Earn?

There are currently 2 other ways you can earn with RadioEarn:

  1. Browser Mining - You can let this work in the background and earn points passively
  2. Referrals - Like the 2 sites above, you can earn extra money from your referrals. 
    • 1st Level Referrals - Earn 5% of their earnings
    • 2nd Level Referrals - Earn 2% of their earnings
    • 3rd Level Referrals - Earn 1% of their earnings. 


  • Free to join
  • Can listen to the radio in the background and earn passively
  • Other ways to earn money
  • Can listen to more than one station at a time
  • Check Circle
    Available in many countries
  • Check Circle
    Forum with other members


  • Low income potential
  • May slow your internet browser
  • Could use up a lot of RAM

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 3 easy ways to get paid by listening to music online. 

It's important to remember that these sites are mostly for those looking for a way to supplement their income with little to no effort. 

You won't be able to earn a ton of money on these sites, but they can be an added bonus to your existing income earners. 

A Much Better Way To Make Money Online...

After testing and review multiple ways to make money online, I've discovered Affiliate Marketing is one of the BEST!

Unlike earning pennies to listen to music, you'll be building a long-term income you can be proud of. 

Please note, it's NOT some "get rich quick" scheme and there are definitely NO false promises.


P.S. It's FREE to join...no credit card needed here!

Let's discuss:

What did you think of this list of 3 ways to get paid by listening to music?

Is there one which is your favourite? Or is there one you use which I could have added to the list?

What other methods do you use to earn an income online?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.


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