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PillowBux Review – Is PillowBux A Scam (Or Legit Way To Get Paid To Solve Captchas?!)

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**Update **

Unfortunately, PillowBux is now closed.

Therefore, you can no longer earn with this website.

For the best alternatives, I suggest these:

Welcome to my PillowBux Review. 

Today I want to share with you a website that allows you to get paid to type and solve captchas online.

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If you've been looking for ways to make money online, chances are you've come across ideas such as taking paid surveys, completing online tasks etc.

But what about solving captchas?

It's not something you hear about too often, is it?

So, that's why I was very interested to learn more about this opportunity.

Similar to Get Paid To (GPT) sites, you earn money for completing simple tasks, and in this case the task is solving captchas.

As a result, sites like this tend to get a bad reputation for being low paying, but could PillowBux be different?

If you'd like to uncover more about this increasing popular site, then keep on reading!

Overall Rating: 40/100


What Is PillowBux?

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PillowBux is a website that allows you to earn money by typing and solving captchas online.

This site has made it easy for users to earn, but some may wonder if it's really worth the time and effort.

Keep on reading this PillowBux review to reveal more...

How Does PillowBux Work? [+VIDEO]

With PillowBux, you earn money when you solve different captcha codes. 

It's simply a case of copying and typing what you see in the captcha, and you get paid in exchange for solving them.

This video below gives you a further look into the members area and what's involved when earning with PillowBux:

4 Ways To Make Money Online With PillowBux

There are currently 4 ways you can earn money online with PillowBux:

pillowbux review earnings

1. Daily Captcha

The daily captcha method in PillowBux allows you to opportunity to type and solve as many captchas as you can within a 1 minute time limit.

It's as simple as the more captchas you solve, the more money you make.

From my experience, it helps if you're a fast typer, as this will give you the best chance at typing as many captchas as possible.

For every captcha you type you're able to earn $0.002.

So, I set myself a goal of completing 10 captchas in a minute, which would give me $0.02.

Although I didn't quite hit my $0.02 target in my first try (I only made $0.016), I found it surprisingly fun and exciting trying to complete my challenge, and it gave me some incentive to want to try again tomorrow.

You're only allowed to complete the Daily captcha once every 24 hours, so you can increase your earnings and rewards by logging into PillowBux daily.

2. Unlimited Captcha

As well as solving the daily captchas, PillowBux offer you the chance to complete an unlimited number of captchas. So there are no time limits or restrictions. 

However, you can only earn $0.0001 for these captchas, which means you'd have to do a lot of them to earn anything decent.

3. Referral Bonus

Additionally, PillowBux have a feature which allows users to earn a $5 referral bonus if they're able to complete 30,000 captchas.

Yep, that's right...30,000 captchas!

The good news is, you are able to share a "help link" with friends and family so they can help you reach the 30K goal faster, but realistically, it's going to take a very long time to reach that limit.

I hope that the PillowBux team will reduce this in the near future, to make it easier for their users.

pillowbux review how it works

4. Referral Program 

Just as you'd expect with other programs like this, PillowBux offer their users the chance to earn money from their referrals. 

With PillowBux, you can expect to 25% lifetime commissions on your referrals earnings.

For example, if we refer back to the $0.016 I earned from the daily captcha I completed, my referrer would have been paid $0.004 from my earnings. 

I know it's not a lot, but if you're able to gain active referrals into your network, then you have a better chance of making a more decent income from this site.

How Much Can You Earn With PillowBux?

As you can see from the methods above, the earning potential of PillowBux is very low.

You can expect to earn $0.0001 - $0.002 for captchas, and for some of you, it may take you some months before you even reach the $2-$5 payout threshold.

This can be increased with referrals, but it's still a small percentage of earnings you'll receive.

Plus, monthly earnings appear to be capped at $75.

How To Get Paid With PillowBux?

As a PillowBux user, there are a number of ways to withdraw your earnings, such as:

  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • GCash
  • Palawan Express
  • Steam Wallet
  • and more

Which Countries Are Eligible For PillowBux?

It appears that PillowBux is available worldwide.

What's Good About PillowBux?

PillowBux has a lot of positive features to offers, which include:

  • Free to join
  • Minimum cashout threshold from only $2 (depending on the method of withdrawal)
  • Daily captcha can be fun to solve
  • Pays cash
  • Able to cash out via Paypal
  • Access to forum and Facebook page - So you can interact with other PillowBux users
  • Easy and simple to do

PillowBux Complaints

Despite the many positives of PillowBux, there are also a few complaints, which are:

  • Earning potential is very low - (from $0.0001 per captcha) This can be increased if you're able to get many referrals, but even then you'll only earn a small percentage, and you need many active referrals.
  • Referral bonus ($5) given only after 30,000 captchas - This is too high in my opinion. I would like to see this amount reduced to make it easier for users. 
  • Completing captchas can be tedious

Final Thoughts - Is PillowBux A Scam or Legit?

Thank you for making it to the end of my PillowBux review. 

I hope this review has given you a good insight into the PillowBux platform and the opportunities that are available for you to earn some extra money online with this site.

Based on my experience with the site and my research, I would say that PillowBux is a legitimate way to earn a bit of extra money online.

However, please note that this site will be a very slow earner and if you do intend to join you should see it as a method for earning extra income online/supplementing your income.

Don't plan to leave your day job or expect to achieve financial freedom with this opportunity.

Despite that, PillowBux offers a genuine and super easy way to earn some extra cash, while doing little to no work.

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Overall Rating



  • Free to join
  • Easy and simple to do
  • Low minimum payout threshold (only $2)
  • Pays Cash
  • Can withdraw via Paypal


  • Earning potential very low
  • Need to reach 30k captchas before receiving $5 bonus
  • Captchas can be tedious

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Sameer - April 5, 2020

This website good for professional typists

    Stephanie - April 5, 2020

    Hi Sameer, unfortunately, Pillowbux is now closed, so you will not be able to earn with this site.

Phuchung bhutia - March 29, 2020

I want to work here

tahibul mondal - February 17, 2020

I interest this site but i ca`nt get PillowBux real site

    Stephanie - February 21, 2020

    Hi, unfortunately, PillowBux is no longer available. I mentioned some other opportunities at the beginning of the post. Hope this helps.

rohit - January 9, 2020

how i get this real site

mohammad sohail - January 9, 2020

i try to join this site but i ca`nt get PillowBux real site

shivdatt - October 25, 2019

best website for earning tips

    Stephanie - October 29, 2019

    Hi Shivdatt, thank you for your feedback. All the best!

shree - September 25, 2019

hi stephanie this site is real or fake plz tel me clarity , sry for asking like this

    Stephanie - October 29, 2019

    Hi Shree, this site is real.

SANJEEV - July 29, 2019

HI Dear is this site is 100% ok for earning by solving CAPTCHA or NO Please reply sweet lady

    Stephanie - August 1, 2019

    Hi Sanjeev, yes this site is legit for solving captchas.


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