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What Is Traffic Titan? – The Ultimate Google and Youtube FREE Traffic Loophole?

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What is Traffic TitanProduct Name: Traffic Titan

Website: Traffic-Titan.com

Price: $7 one time fee (Limited time only); increase to $147/month

Owners: Chris X, Ken O

Rating: 5/10

Launch Date: 18th April 2017


Update September 2017: Traffic Titan 2.0 Launched.

  • Now with 7 Traffic & Affiliate Softwares.
  • Includes Sites DB, a database with access to thousands of websites to gain traffic from. Plus extra bonuses.


What Is Traffic Titan?

Traffic Titan is a collection of 6 software programs that aim to help you generate huge amounts of free traffic and earn lots of affiliate commissions.

Traffic Titan Review


Who Are The Owners of Traffic Titan?

The owners of this program are Chris X and Ken O. Chris X has been in the IM space since 2006, so I can imagine that he has gained a lot of valuable knowledge about what works online and what doesn’t.

Chris has also created some other popular products in the Titan series such as:

  • Affiliate Titan
  • Video Titan
  • T-shirt Titan

So I think overall, this product will in a similar league as the other products.


What’s Included?

6 Software Tools :

Traffic Titan review

  1. Niche Money – “Pre-loaded with 100+ eCom/affiliate niches (with 1000+ keywords for each – $1billion of keywords!)”
  2. Keyword Titan – “Import Niche Money keywords & find the easy “free traffic opportunities” on Google & YouTube”
  3. Website2Image – “Quickly load the top 100 affiliate programs for ClickBank & JVZoo and export your video campaign”
  4. Image2Video – “Creates proven, profitable, affiliate review videos for any niche or keyword in 60 seconds” They’ve now added a update where you can automatically import videos from Website2Image, and includes 6 royalty free tracks + 10 background images and more
  5. DomainAveli – “Find the best domain names for any keyword. Run 100 searches in 1 click across 30 extensions!”
  6. Titan WP Theme – “A premium WordPress theme, which instantly gives you a Google-friend, big-money website”
  7. (Update Sept 2017) Sites DB “A database of thousands of websites that can be targeted for “low hanging fruit” traffic opportunities”


  • PDF showing 5 methods for making up to $10,000  day with Google and Youtube
  • Training covering Facebook, Youtube, Affiliate Marketing and Google SEO
  • Walkthrough PDF guide showing you all the softwares and how they work
  • Access to T-shirt Titan system which teaches how to profit from Teespring and Facebook ads
  • Videos explaining “secret” tricks on:
    • How to get FREE Google traffic in hours
    • Youtube traffic “hacks”
    • “My first $3000 day”

traffic titan review


What Will You Be Doing When You Join?

The program uses the 6 software tools to help you follow their “4 Step Formula”:

Step 1: Niche Money Software

With this software you’ll be looking through 100s of “7 figure niches” to find the right one for you and you’ll get access to preloaded keywords within these niches.

traffic titan review


Step 2: Keyword Titan Tool

With this tool the next step will be to search for buyer keywords within your niche, and get hold of low competition keywords.

traffic titan review


Step 3: Rank Youtube Videos

For this you’ll be using the Website2Image and Image2Video tools.

  • Website2Image – This tool allows you to search affiliate products and screenshot images from the sales page to put into your videos
  • Image2Video – Once you’ve captured your images, you head over to this tool and import the files to render the video. Then you upload onto youtube.

Then you’ll be taught how to add keywords to your videos to get them to rank high on Youtube. The aim is to create short videos fast and promote your affiliate link for immediate commissions. But I’m not sure how successful these videos will be. Most people these days want videos with value.


Step 4: Get Free Google Traffic

To get this you’ll be using the DomainAveli and Titan WP theme tools to create a website that you can monetise and rank on Google. However, I’m not sure if you get training on how to create quality content and how to do effective SEO to rank on Google.

traffic titan review

traffic titan review

Furthermore it appears you will need to purchase a domain name and hosting for your site, which isn’t mention within the sales page. So just be aware that there will be an additional costs in order to rank on Google with a website.



Early Bird Price$7 One Time Fee (this is for a limited time only)

After the limited period the price is expected to increase to $147/month.

So if you’re truly interested in this program I’d highly recommend you get it as soon as possible before the price increases.


Who Is It For?

  • Anyone interested in generating free traffic for their youtube videos and websites.
  • Those wanting to work hard, and not expecting a “get rich quick” scheme. Despite the claims, you do need to work hard in order to make anywhere near the amounts of money they claim.


Who Is It NOT For?

  • Anyone looking for a long term sustainable home business

I think there are some benefits to the program and I believe that peeople who work hard can earn money with this method, however I don’t feel you’ll be working towards a sustainable long term home business. So if that’s something you’re looking for then this program may not be for you.


  • Cheap – Only $7. Considering you get access to 6 software tools, I think the price is very reasonable. However, this is a limited offer.
  • Has 6 Software Tools
  • Software Mac/PC Compatible
  • Can pay using Paypal – You can pay using Paypal as well as credit card, and you don’t have to worry about being billed monthly
  • One Time Fee – The program costs $7 as a one time offer
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



  • No FREE trial – I’m a fan of programs that offer a free trial, but unfortuntely this program doesn’t offer that. However, they still offer a very affordable price of only $7, so it’s still a good deal in my opinion.
  • Video creator tools not the best for creating quality Youtube videos – Both the Website2Image tool and Image2Video tools are used to help you create Youtube videos very fast. However, I personally don’t feel this program will help you create quality videos. You’ll very likely get free traffic with these videos, your video will very well rank on youtube, and you’ll be able to create videos quite fast. But it’s very unlikely that you’ll get real conversions and sales. Ultimately that’s the focus behind creating these videos. But people are looking for value and quality, so if you’re not provding that then you won’t have many successful conversions
  • Needs a computer download – Although the software is Mac and PC compatible, it means that a computer download is required.
  • Dramatic Price increase – I was very surprised to see that after the limited time offer the price will be increased to $147/month. I can’t really understand why they’ve chosen to do that. It’s not just $147 one time…it’ll be a monthly fee! It’s such a big jump and it does make me feel a little skeptical, and I’m not sure that this program will be worth that monthly fee.
  • No mention of potential Domain and Hosting costs – The program talks about finding profitable domain names in order to create a website, but there’s no mention of the cost of this domain name. You’ll essentually be paying for domain and hosting, and it appears to be via Hostgator. This will cost you about $3.95-$4.95/month
[alert-success]Interested in a website? With this website builder you can create a FREE website which you can monetise and has the ability to rank on Google.

Or if you’re looking for a self-hosted site checkout this $1.99/month deal[/alert-success]


Traffic Titan vs My #1 Recommendation

I’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate and I personally like to recommend this program because it privdes an in-depth training platform to learn how to earn an income online through Affiliate Marketing.

Although the main focus of Traffic Titan is about generating free traffic, it aims to help you generate traffic to affiliate offers, so it’s dessigned to work aside affiliate marketing.

The main difference for me is that I feel Wealthy Affiliate training works towards building a sustainable long-term business online, where you can becaome an authority in your niche. Whereas Traffic Titan offers training that will help you earn an income, but the results are more likely more short term.

Overall, I can’t imagine that Traffic Titan will last 11 years the same way Wealthy Affiliate has been strong for last 11 years. This is just my personal opinion.

I’ve also included a comparison table below:



If you join me at Wealthy Affiliate, as a special bonus you’ll get your first premium month for only $19. That’s over 59% discount. It’s a great way to really test out the premium membership and see if Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

However, you can always get started with the FREE membership first.


My Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an affordable program to help you learn about generating free traffic, then I feel Traffic Titan offers some useful tips and guides. If you’re able to apply the tools and training then I believe you can generate an affiliate income with this program, however, as mentioned before, I don’t think it is a sustainable option for starting an online business.

My aim with reviews like this is to help you find the best online business programs, and unfortuntely I don’t think Traffic Titan is the best option for that. I feel Wealthy Affiliate is the more appropriate option for starting an affiliate marketing business.

Overall, I hope I’ve provided enough information to give you the opportunity to make an informed decision about Traffic Titan.

So, if you’re interested in Traffic Titan, click the button below and watch the video for more info:

Join Traffic Titan   


As an alternative, you can sign up to my #1 recommended online business training program. FREE starter membership:

Join Wealthy Affiliate FREE   

P.S. Not interested in Traffic Titan or Wealthy Affiliate? Check out this program that’ll help you start a Social Media Marketing Business. (Be quick though, new entries to the program will be closed soon)

Note: this review is based on the pre-launch version of Traffic Titan. I may update this review when/if there are any significant changes or issues with the program post-launch phase

What are your thoughts on Traffic Titan?

Have you tried it already? What results did you get?

Share you thoughts, comments, opinions and experiences in the section below.


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Jeff - May 7, 2017

I actually just bought Titan Video a week or two ago, but I haven’t had a chance to get around to using it. Eventually I’m going to give it a try. And I’m also a member at Wealthy Affiliate. WA has definitely been good to me so far.
Keep up the good work.

    Stephanie - May 7, 2017

    Hi Jeff, thanks for commenting. I’d be interested to hear how you get on with Titan Video when you do get the chance to use it.

    All the best!


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