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MintVine Review: Make Money Online With Surveys

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Earning Potential


Qualification Rate



  • Easy to use
  • Free to join
  • 200 points sign up bonus
  • Get paid even if you don't qualify for a survey
  • Daily Poll


  • Payment withdrawal can be slow
  • Some points are not credited straight away (pending)


If you’re looking for a genuine survey site to earn some extra cash, then I would highly recommended using MintVine. MintVine is one of my favourite survey sites, because it is user-friendly, and an easy way to earn.


What is MintVine?

MintVine is a survey site where you can earn money by completing surveys, offers and daily polls. When you complete a survey/offer, you are given points. The points you receive can be withdrawn into cash once you reach 1000 points ($10 or £7). It doesn’t take long to reach 1000 points, and you are regularly sent emails of new surveys to take part in.

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MintVine Homepage


You can also watch the short official MintVine video here

Why MintVine?

I first heard about MintVine from one of my favourite blogs, From Aldi to Harrods, and thought I would give it a go. I realised pretty quickly that it was a good way to earn some extra money. It doesn’t take long to complete most of the offers, and you get access to new surveys in your email every day.

Who can sign up?

MintVine is available to users in the US, UK and Canada.

Age: 13+ (if you are under 18, you need parental approval)

How do you earn?

There are a few different ways you can earn money with MintVine.


1. Surveys:

The main way to earn is through completing surveys.

Mintvine surveys, make money online with mint vine surveys

Examples of Surveys with MintVine


Before you complete a survey, you can see how many points you’ll receive and how long it’s likely to take. I personally don’t do surveys that take longer than 15 minutes. But if you don’t mind, you can always do surveys that are longer.

Looking at the examples above, a survey of 180 points, would be equivalent to $1.80. 

You also regularly get emails about new surveys, so there’s always a survey to do.


mintvine surveys, make money with mint vine

New Surveys In Your Inbox Everyday


One of the problems you may find with completing the surveys is that the points can take some time to be credited. You’ll notice this as it’ll say “pending” next to the amount (see image below). However, you do get notified of when the points will be cleared

Sometimes The Points May Be Pending

Sometimes The Points May Be Pending


You'll be told the date when the points clear

You’ll be told the date when the points clear


Furthermore, you can still earn points if you don’t qualify for a survey. Although it doesn’t happen for all surveys, it can still happen. Usually you can expect to earn about 5 points if you do not qualify. In one case, I was able to earn 30 points (see image below).


Can still earn points even if you don't qualify

Can still earn points even if you don’t qualify


2. Offers:

You can also earn extra points by completing offers.


Complete Offers with MintVine

Complete Offers with MintVine


3. Daily Polls:

You can also make at least 5 points every day, by taking part in the daily poll

MintVine Daily Poll

MintVine Daily Poll


So as you can see, there are quite a few different ways you can earn points, and make money with MintVine


How much can I earn?

Depending on the survey/offer, you can earn anywhere from 5 points to 3,000+ points.

The offers with higher points rewards usually require you to make some kind of purchase, and they tend to be gambling websites, so you would need to be over 18 in order to sign up anyway. I would recommend that you stay away from those, and just complete free offers.

Is there a minimum threshold?

Yes, you need to have a minimum of 1000 points ($10) in order to cash out.


What can I redeem my points on?

You can redeem your points for Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards and others (see below)

Available Payment Methods

Available Payment Methods


Payment Proof:

After a few weeks of using MintVine I was able to cash out 1021 points ($10.21) via Paypal. I was away from MintVine for a little while, so if I had been using it more often I believe I could have earned more faster. (see payment proof below)


Although my total was 1,061 points, I still had 40 pending, which meant I could only cash out 1,021 points

Payout Earned

Payout Earned (MintVine website)


Email from MintVine about Payment

Email from MintVine about Payment


Paypal Proof of MintVine Payment

mintvine 2nd payment proof

Paypal Proof of MintVine Payments

Paypal Proof of MintVine Payments

Paypal Proof of MintVine Payments


Would I recommend MintVine?

Yes! I would definitely recommend MintVine to anyone who is looking to make some extra money online. Although you won’t get rich with MintVine, it is a genuine way to make some additional money. As you can see from the payment proof, the money you receive is 100% genuine, and they do pay out.


Final Thoughts

Since receiving the $10.21, I have been more eager to do more offers and complete surveys, but still making sure it’s worth my time. I will usually just spend about 30mins to 1 hr a day doing surveys and offers, but if you have more time you can always do more.


You can get started right now by clicking here, and you’ll receive 200 points ($2) just for registering. Be sure to share it with all your friends too.


Do you use MintVine to make extra money online? What are your experiences with Mintvine? How much have you made? Feel free to share your comments below


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Von - March 2, 2016

This is a great way of earning extra income. I have done surveys before and they do really pay off. I never tried MintVine though. Ill keep this bookmarked if I ever do surveys again.

    Stephanie - March 2, 2016

    Hi Von,

    Yes you can benefit from online surveys. To be honest, I’ve tried quite a few survey sites online, and MintVine is one that I always go to. It doesn’t take long to make money, compared to others, and they do actually pay out, as seen from the payment proof. If you do go back to doing survey, I would encourage you to try MintVine. If you’d like some more making money inspiration you can have a look at my Getting Started Online article.

    All the best,

Peter Mantu - March 2, 2016

Hi Stephanie,

I must say that I am not a fan of Online Surveys as they tend to take up a lot of my time. Time is money to me and I am going to use it on Surveys, I might as well stop trying to make money Online.

Please don’t get me wrong here…they still qualify as ways to make extra cash on the side and like you said, one shouldn’t expect to get rich from them. Congratulations on your $10.21, no one is willing to hand out money these days.

Thanks for sharing this with us dear…all the best. 🙂

    Stephanie - March 2, 2016

    Hi Peter. Thanks for your comment. Yea I see what you mean. I definitely wouldn’t encourage people spend all day on it, and as mentioned in the article, i personally wouldn’t spend more than 10-15 minutes on a survey, but i think it’s good as a little extra side money. I enjoy using MintVine, but my favourite way to make money online is building an online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. You can have a look at my Getting Started page if you’re interested.

    All the best to you too.


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