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Create A Free Website In 60 Seconds With SiteRubix Website Builder

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Build Your FREE Website Today

Build Your FREE Website Today

In this post, I want to show you how to create a free website online using the SiteRubix Website Builder. This is one of my favourite website builders online, and if you’ve decided to go for a free website, then this is an option I would definitely recommend. It’s easy to set up, and can take as little as 60 seconds.

So let’s go straight into the step-by-step process!

If you prefer video walkthroughs, scroll down to see this step by step process in action, or click here.



How To Create Your Free Website Step By Step

Step 1:


Visit and type a domain name for your new website e.g. “fiveminutewebsite”

create a free website with siterubix step 1


Step 2: 


Set up an account in order to create your website. Doing this will also give you access the getting started online business training. (You don’t have to do any training or use any of the tools if you don’t want to, however, you will have to set up a free account in order to create your free website)

create a free website with siterubix step 2


Step 3:


Select Free Domain, and type in the name of your website e.g. “Five Minute Website”

create a free website with siterubix step 3


Step 4:


Choose a theme. With your free website, you can choose from 12 themes.

select a theme for your free siterubix website


Step 5:


Click “I’m Ready, Build My Website Now”

create a free website with siterubix step 4


Step 6:


Visit your new website! You’ll be given the login details to access your new website which you can access via Wealthy Affiliate, or you can make a note of the details and access it via

create a free website with siterubix step 6

My New Website!


Note: Your website will come with “” domain name e.g.


Video Walkthrough


Why I Recommend The SiteRubix Website Builder

Below I will briefly highlight some of the great features that Siterubix has to offer, and why I recommend it as a website builder

  • It’s FREE to create
  • It doesn’t take long
  • It’s easy to set up
  • You get quality hosting from Wealthy Affiliate, which offers spam protection and server monitoring
  • When you set up your free site your create an account with the Wealthy Affiliate Free starter training program
  • When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate you get:
    • 10 training lessons on how to set up website
    • Support
    • 2 Free websites
  • Create websites that you can monetize and are able to rank on Google


SiteRubix vs

Since Siterubix is based on the WordPress framework, you might be thinking “isn’t it just easier to use to build my website?”. Well, I have created free websites from both, and I would definitely choose Siterubix over because it has more to offer if you’re looking for a free platform for your online business.  Below I have outlined the main comparisons, which will help you see why Siterubix is my preferred free website builder.

(comparisons are based on the free versions of each platforms)



  • 12 Themes
  • Free Hosting
  • Pre-installed plugins – which you can manage from the WordPress dashboard
  • No ads displayed on your website
  • Can monetize your website.
  • Ability to rank on Google
  • Suitable for personal blogging and online business purposes
  • 10 Training lessons (to help you create a website for your online business)



  • 192 Themes
  • Free Hosting
  • Pre-installed plugins, however, you’re not able to manage it from the WordPress dashboard
  • Ad’s placed on your site, therefore allowing WordPress to make money from your site
  • Not able to monetise
  • It’s harder to rank on google
  • More suitable for personal blogging, not for online business
  • No Training available if you’re looking to build an online business


free website 60 secs-3


Building A Website For Business

What plans do you have for your website? 

Are you looking to build a business with your website?

If you answered YES to the last question, then as you can see from the example above, it is possible to create a free Siterubix website suitable for starting your online business. With SiteRubix your site has the ability to be monetized and ranked on Google, however, there are still many limitations.

If you’re truly serious about starting an online business and building a website for it, then I would highly recommend purchasing a domain and getting hosting for your website, which will allow you to be able to have 100% control over your site.

The good thing is, all of this can be done within Wealthy Affiliate. A domain will cost $13.99 and the hosting is included in your premium membership, which is $47/month. Along with the premium membership, you get access to all the full features of the Wealthy Affiliate online business training program, and I can assure, it’s worth every penny. Take a look at my review to learn more about the program.

If you choose not to go through the Wealthy Affiliate route, that’s totally fine as there are other quality domain and hosting providers available for less than $5/month. You can register a domain name and start hosting with Namecheap for less than $2/month. A domain will cost $10.69/year and hosting will cost $9.88/year for the first year…very affordable! From my experience, Namecheap provides quality services, and I would also recommend them for your website needs.


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Final words

If you’re looking to get started with a free website for your online business, then definitely go for the Siterubix website builder.

However, with all that being said,  if you’re truly serious about your online business then I think you’ll be better joining Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member to access their full training, and you can purchase your own domain name, and get hosting included in your membership, or at the minimum, invest in your own self-hosted website for less than $2/month.

Either way, the great thing is, if you’re on a tight budget, or just branching into the online world,  you can always get started for free.

So if you’re ready to create your free website today, click the link below

I’m Ready To Create My FREE Website


I hope you found this post useful, and if you liked it please feel free to share it with others.

If you have any questions/comments  about how to create your website or the Wealthy Affiliate program, please write them in the section below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 


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william - June 6, 2018

i need help it wont allow Nigerian so what do you suggest

    Stephanie - June 6, 2018

    Hi William, yes unfortunately siterubix and wealthy Affiliate are not available for free in some countries, including Nigeria, due to fraud issues. Therefore, in order to create a siterubix website you would need to upgrade to a premium wealthy affiliate membership. Otherwise you can create a free website using But you may have issues if you wish to monetise your site. I hope this helps.

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Robert - May 10, 2016

I must admit I was a bit unsure about Site Rubix when I first heard about it. Build a fully functional WordPress website in under a minute and with hosting for free? But I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it myself and was blown away by its simplicity.

This is one of those times when it not only sounds too good to be true but it really is as good as it sounds. I haven’t found a better option since I started using Site Rubix. Great visual post on how to build a WordPress website with Site Rubix and I like the use of your video!

    Stephanie - May 15, 2016

    Hi Robert! Thank you for commenting. It’s definitely the real deal! Thanks, I thought it would be a good idea to actually show video proof of creating a website in under a minute, so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed that too. It’s definitely my #1 recommended website builder, and I would encourage others to use it also. All the best!

Lynne - May 10, 2016

Oh this is great, I set up 2 websites like this and I was shocked at how fast and easy it was… like pleasantly shocked for a change. I am so used to people hyping up things and being blatantly dishonest about opportunities and offers.

This is spot on, it is free, it is fast and it is easy. I recommend anyone that wants a website to give this a shot!

    Stephanie - May 15, 2016

    Hi Lynne! Thanks for commenting! I agree, it’s so easy and fast to create a website with siterubix, definitely my favourite website builder. And if you decide to purchase your own domain, it’s so easy to transfer your siterubix site over to your new domain. It’s #1 in my books :). All the best!


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