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BEST Honest ConversioBot Review – Is This The Internet’s #1 Automated List Building Software?

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Welcome to my honest ConversioBot review.

If you own a website or a blog, and you've been struggling for leads and sales, don't're not alone.

So many website owners struggle to convert their visitors into leads and sales, and trying to fix your sites conversion rate could take months of work.

You might end up burning through hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars that you don't have. 

But what if there was a way to generate leads and sales faster, and in a way that was affordable?

Well, I'm able to share with you a revolutionary NEW tool which is designed to help you transform your website/blog into an automated leads and sales machine!

Introducing ConversioBot...

This new tool is designed to be the internet's #1 chatbot for website/blog owners

But can ConversioBot really live up to these claims, or is it just another overhyped software tool trying to grab your hard earned cash?

The fact that you've reached this review shows me 3 things:

  • You're interested in discovering the truth about ConversioBot
  • You want to generate leads and sales on autopilot
  • You want to stay in contact with your leads without relying on expensive coders and live chat agents 

If any of these apply to you, then congrats on making it here, and I look forward to sharing my findings with you. 

So, let's not waste any more time and uncover the truth...

Product Name: ConversioBot


Owner: Simon Wood + Imran S

Price: From $37 + UPSELLS

Rating: 70/100

Type of Product: 'AI' List Building Automation

Launch Date: 26th February 2019 to 4th March 2019

Verdict?: Legit 

Discount Code ($10 off): "sundayonly" 

conversiobot review product

( integrates perfectly with ConversioBot)


What is ConversioBot?

conversiobot review salespage

ConversioBot is cloud-based Artificial Intelligence chatbot software, designed to increase the conversions of almost any website. 

It comes with a full commercial license, so whether you have a website or not, you can sell their "done-for-you" Bots, or you can create their own Bots and sell them.

You may have noticed, but there is HUGE demand for Chatbots right now.

Ultimately, the aim of ConversioBot is to help you:

  • Generate more leads and sales from your website
  • and Build a list without using traditional methods like opt-in forms

Additionally, ConversioBot can also be used if you're a social media marketers and/or video marketers as an innovative way to increase your subscribers/following.

How Does ConversioBot Work? [VIDEO]

ConversioBot is user-friendly and anyone is able to get started with this software on their website in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Swipe the Done For You "AI Chat" Templates
  • Step 2: Click to generate a line of Chatbot code
  • Step 3: Copy and paste the code onto your website

You'll be given access to a "drag & drop" builder which will allow you to create a chatbot for your site in minutes.  

Not just that, but the interface can also be used to easily create Chatbots from scratch without any technical knowledge.

The video demo below shows more of ConversioBot in action:


Pricing + Upsells

Here's a breakdown of the pricing of ConversioBot and the upsells that are included:

conversiobot review pricing and upsells

ConversioBot - $37-$47 

This is the main software you'll be using to create your chatbots and add to your websites. 

Key Features Include:

  • Done-For-You “AI” Chat Templates
  • Drag & Drop Builder To Create A Custom Bot In Minutes
  • Let The Bot Build A List For You
  • Fully Integrated With Major Autoresponder Services
  • Step By Step Video Training Included
  • Easy-To-Understand Analytics To Assess And Optimise Bot Performance
  • Exploit Commercial License To Sell Bots (No Website Needed)
conversiobot review done for you pro upsell

Upsell 1: ConversioBot "Done For You" Pro ($97 OTO)

Key Features Include: 

  • 75 Done-For-You Chatbots which cover a wide range of categories and businesses. 
  • They have immense value and have taken considerable time to build.
  • All of them can easily be cutomised with our drag and drop builder.
  • Commercial License to sell any of our Bots.
  • Three, new templates each month (without paying monthly fees).
conversiobot review chatbot builder upsell

Upsell 2: AutoChat Bot Builder ($47 OTO)

Key Features Include:

  • Automatically build Custom Bots by filling in a simple form 
  • This is a big time-saver and is useful you need to quickly build a large number of Custom Bots for your websites or Clients
  • Send the form to your Clients to get the key information you need to create their Bots
  • Copy and paste that information into the simple form and create a custom Chatbot in seconds
conversiobot review auto chatbot upsell

Upsell 3: ConversioBot Extreme ($67 OTO)

Key Features Include:

  • Allows you to create a variety of different Bots designed to increase engagement with your website visitors
  • A traditional chatbot app is simply a widget on a page, often located on the bottom right hand-side
  • However, with this upgrade, you can easily create “full page” Bots by simply checking a box. 
  • “Full page” Bots are highly effective as they virtually force the visitor to engage with no other distractions.
  • You can also embed Bots within content.
  • You're able to put your Bots on delay so that they don’t appear immediately on their website
  • You can also use intelligent exit Bots instead of using traditional exit popups
  • You're able to convert any templates you have purchased in the main product and/or first upsell into the different Extreme Bots.
conversiobot review agency license upsell

Upsell 4: ConversioBot Agency License ($87 OTO)

Key Features Include:

  • A Multi-User License allowing the customer to automate & outsource to their team or freelancers
  • Can create up to 20 sub-user accounts
  • Step-by-step video training on how to outsource effectively
  • Step-by-step video training on where to sell their Bots for $200 - $500+ each
  • Done-For-You sales templates you can copy & paste to make selling simple
  • Done-For-You Agency Website with stunning design and a ready-made portfolio of Bots which you can customise

If you were to purchase all the upsells at full price, along with the full ConversioBot Software, you could be spending almost $350.

Although these upsells are optional, and not needed to make the main software work, I just wanted to make you aware of potential extra costs.

ConversioBot Bonuses

Here is a look at the bonuses included when you purchase ConversioBot:

  • BONUS #1: FIVE "Done For You" Chatbot Templates
  • BONUS #2: VIP Training On Selling Bots
  • BONUS #3: 20 Bot Graphics

What Sites Is ConversioBot Suitable For?

ConversioBot is designed to increase the conversion of almost any website, such as:

  • Affiliate Marketing Sites
  • List Building Pages
  • Bonus Pages
  • WordPress Blogs
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Sales Letters
  • Local Business Websites
  • ...and many more

The intention behind this innovative software is to drive more engagement with website visitors and get more leads and sales.

conversiobot review who is it for

The Good...

  • Drive more leads and more sales on almost any website just by copying one line of code
  • Newbie friendly
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Works with WordPress, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Shopify, JVZoo, ClickBank and many other programs
  • 10 Done-For-You “AI” Chat Templates (includes eComm, Affiliate, Internet Marketing & List-Building)
  • Create your own Chatbots using a simple drag and drop builder in minutes
  • GDPR compliant
  • Step-By-Step training videos to walk you through everything
  • Fully integrates with Aweber, MailChimp, Getresponse and Sendlane
  • Integrates with Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads

The NOT So Good...

Despite this being a legitimate software tool and a legitimate way to potentially generate leads and sales, there are a few things missing from this that I'd like to touch on.

  • No Free Trial - It would be nice if this software had a free trial feature to give potential users a feel for the software before purchasing
  • Appears There's A Limited Number Of Autoresponder Integrations - Although ConversioBot has the amazing functionality to integrate with some of the biggest autoresponder tools available, there appears to be some big ones missing from this tool such as ConvertKit, Drip, Constant Contact, to name a few. I personally use ConvertKit to build my list, and it would have been nice to see this added to the integrations...maybe we could see it in the near future. 
  • May Need To Purchase The Upsells For Some Extra Features - There may be some features you can see in the demo that are only available within the upsells, so there's a chance you might not be fully satisfied with the main product. To get further information I'd encourage you to visit the sales page to find out more about what's included in each upsell.

Final Thoughts + ConversioBot Discount & Bonus

Thank you for taking the time to read through this ConversioBot review. 

I hope this review has given you more insight into ConversioBot and how it can potentially be used to generate more leads and sales to your business.

Now, you may be wondering...

Are There Any Alternatives?

To be honest, I'm not aware of any product that is comparable to ConversioBot. 

Although chatbots are already used often by major channels such as CNN and Fox news, ConversioBot was built for small business owners, like you and me, in mind.

If you're aware of any software that is similar (or better), then I'd love for you to share them in the comments below. 

However, if ConversioBot is a tool you'd be interested in, then you can click below for more details & access to my EARLY BIRD discount code + my special BONUS.

email monetizer report bonus

[Bonus] Surefire Strategies To Monetize Your List

Find out how to increase your email marketing income quickly and easily, even with a small list.

Let's discuss:

What did you think of this ConversioBot review?

Do you think chatbots are a good way to generate more leads and sales?

Are you already using chatbots in your business? What has your experience been?

Will you be adding a tool like ConversioBot to your list of online business tools? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.


From $37 + Upsells
conversiobot review salespage

Overall Rating



  • Newbie Friendly
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 10 "Done For You" Templates
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • GDPR Compliant


  • No Free Trial
  • Appears There's A Limited Number Of Autoresponder Integrations
  • May Need To Purchase The Upsells For Some Extra Features

Blogger, Online Marketer and full-time music lover. Thank you for reading my posts! I share my experiences of making money online as well as providing useful tips and advice to those who are interested in starting an online business. I enjoy writing reviews and giving an insight into what has worked for me and what hasn't. If you like what I write here be sure to share my posts with others!

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Aldo Karell - April 14, 2020

Hello Stefany, how did you post your chatbot in your website?

will you please explain to me? I cant set it up on my web.

thank you

Aldo Karell Montesino - April 14, 2020

Stefany, how did you post your chat bot in your website could you please give me the steps?

thank you

    Stephanie - April 14, 2020

    Hi Aldo, I have a video guide here that shows how to add the chatbot to your website.

    Hope it helps

Aldo Karell - March 9, 2020

I’m interested in Convertkit but in the list of autoresponder of ConversioBot, not this fully integrated Convertkit like you achieved integrate it?. You will help me with this.

    Stephanie - March 9, 2020

    Hi Aldo, thanks for commenting. Convertkit is now fully integrated as an autoresponder on Conversiobot. Hope that helps.

      Aldo Karell - March 13, 2020

      Thanks, Stephanie for its response. I wish you the best in your work online.

        Stephanie - March 13, 2020

        You’re welcome, Aldo. Thank you, and wishing you all the best too.

hazem - April 1, 2019

hi can i put my logo or pic for this chat bot like you do on this page by purchasing the main product only ?

    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi Hazem, thank you for commenting. Yes, you can have your logo or pic for your chatbot with just the main product. You do not need to purchase any upgrade for this.

George - March 16, 2019

Hey Stephanie,

Thank you for this thorough review of ConversioBot.

”Is This The Internet’s #1 Automated List Building Software?”…this is a very good question.

In my opinion, it can be, considering that we are talking about AI and all the time someone will be there to chat with you.

In any case.. I loved your review and I get some really good insights, that I’m sure will be very useful for anyone that read your review.

I will check your posts regularly.
Best wishes!

    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi George, thanks for joining the discussion, and glad you thought the review was helpful. Thanks in advance for checking out my posts! All the best!

Demetria - March 10, 2019

This seems like a great tool to use for people who are more advanced in their affiliate marketing or blogging career. The reason being the price seems steep for someone who is just starting out. Before reading your review I hadn’t even heard of ConversioBot. You make a lot of good points in your review and it is something to really think about. Thank you for taking the time to review this product it was a lot of help.



    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi Demetria, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, for beginners the price is a bit steep, but if you’re looking for a new way to generate leads and grow your business, then in my opinion, and based on my experience, it’s a great investment.

    However, you will need to be able to generate a good amount of traffic to really benefit from this.

    Overall, I’m glad you found my review helpful

Michael - March 6, 2019

Hi Stephanie, to improve your review :
your review seems more honest than the “too good to be true” reviews + tons of crappy bonuses of car sellers marketers on page One of Google. I found you on middle page 2. ConversioBot is useless if you don’t have traffic! No traffic no conversion!
By experience, people don’t like to chat with a Bot.
The features of the chatbot on sale page are if we buy ALL THE UPSELLS!
Where does AI interact in that Bot? I tried on sale page with basic questions and the Bot couldn’t answer, sending me to a dead end page.
Did you test the viability of the Bot?
Did you try to build your own bot without the templates? How much difficult is it? Which features is it possible to get?
This is a one time fee but the devs still have to pay the expensive cloud servers every year so it means that one day they will close and go away… Old Products from JVZOO disappeared in the air after one year when domain name is not renewed.
Other chatbots : Many Chat Chat fuel Active chat…
I hope your website arrives on page One in front of the other fake marketers
My comment is refused and treated as spam…

    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi Michael, thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts on conversiobot and my review.

    Conversiobot is definitely not for everyone, and as you said, you need to have traffic in order to really benefit from this platform.

    Luckily, I’ve been able to grow my list with conversiobot on a daily basis, whereas I didn’t these types of results with my email autoresponder services. So it would appear, based on my experience, that there are people that are happy interacting with a bot.

    But yes, there are some people that would prefer to talk directly to someone rather than a bot.

    However, I’ve found this is a nice easy way to build my list and reach out to people that may not have joined my newsletter otherwise.

    In regards to building my own bot without a template, I have attempted this and found it quite difficult so I personally stick to the templates and make necessary tweaks. But others who have a bit more experience may prefer to build their bots from scratch.

    Furthermore, I haven’t really taken time to properly go through the training, so maybe if I dedicated more time for that I would have a better experience building my bot from scratch.

    It’s been 2 months since I installed Conversiobot, and it’s still a useful addition to my online business.

    Plus, as long as I’m building my list, even if Conversiobot does “close and go away”, I will still have my list and can continue marketing to them.

    Ultimately, this platform is not for everyone, and the good thing is Conversiobot offers money back guarantee, so there’s always the option to get your money back if you’re truly not happy with the product.

    Thanks again for your comments, and wishing you all the best

Royan Shaw - February 24, 2019

I think this will work better for actual business owners who owns a website from which they market and promote their products?

Small business owners do not spend that much time online trying to find solutions like conversiobot so it’s as an affiliate marketer you take it to them.

Trying to promote this just to IM affiliates is not gonna do much as most affiliate marketers are just that…affiliate marketers who do not own or manage a small business in their own right.

    Stephanie - February 24, 2019

    Hi Royan, thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts. I understand where you’re coming from, at first glance, it would appear to mostly suit website owners with products, but the great thing about this tool is that it can help you build your list and promote affiliate products, which is great for internet/affiliate marketers and bloggers.

    In light of your comment, I uploaded my video review where I show the inside of the software and how you can use the templates available to build your list and promote offers.

    You don’t even need to have your own website or your own products, it can also work on bonus page sites. For example, if you’re an internet marketer that uses Commission Gorilla for your bonus pages, then you could add the chatbot code to your bonus page for further engagement with your visitors and potentially more sales.

    My advice is to watch the review/demo video, you’ll get a better idea of what it looks like on the inside, and how it could work for affiliate marketers and bloggers, as well as business owners.

    Hope that answers your questions.


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