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ZippoPay Review – Can This “Magic” Button Help You Generate Viral Leads & Sales?!

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Hey fellow marketer and welcome to my ZippoPay Review.

How would you like to find a "magic" button that could help generate tons of leads and sales for your product/affiliate promotions?

That would be great right?!

But could ZippoPay be that "revolutionary" product you've been waiting for?

The fact that you've landed on this page shows me you're interested in discovering more about ZippoPay. 

If that's the case, then you're in luck, as I'll be sharing my own findings and aim to help you uncover the real truth about this product. 

So, stay tuned, and let's unravel the truth...

Product Name: ZippoPay


Owner: Bryan Winters (REAL)

Price: $20 (Launch Offer), then $47 + Upsells

Rating: 5/10

Type of Opportunity: Pay-Per-Lead

Recommended?  Under Review (will update accordingly)

zippopay review software


What is ZippoPay?

what is zippopay

ZippoPay is a "Patent Pending" cloud-based Pay-Per-Lead payment system.

It is designed to help you generate traffic, "virally" build your leads and make money online at the same time. 

How Does ZippoPay Work?

The video above gives an excellent in-depth look into ZippoPay and how it works in real life. 

But here are the 3 main steps outlined below:

Step 1: Add ZippoPay Button To Your Offer Page

This step can work for both product vendors and affiliate. 

For Vendors:

You can add the ZippoPay payment button directly to your product page.

zippopay review button

For Affiliates:

You're provided with a "Done For You" funnel when you purchase the front end product, so you don't need to have your own product to do this. 

Additionally, affiliates are able to add the ZippoPay button to any bonus page being promoted.

Step 2: Generate Traffic

At first, there isn't much training in the member's area. You're presented with a 12 minutes video which shows you how to set up your ZippoPay feature, and how it all really works. 

However, as you go a bit further into the platform, you're recommended to:

  • Avoid Traffic Exchanges 
  • Avoid Safelists


Because the overall traffic from these systems is "freebie seekers". Those people tend to look for free offers and are less likely to pay for the products you promote.

Instead, ZippoPay suggests using:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Email (Solo) Ads 
  • Banner Ads

Please note: These are paid methods, so you will need to think about having additional costs if you choose to purchase ZippoPay.

Step 3: Watch Your List Grow

As ZippoPay allows your customers the option to get your product for free, they're likely to enter their email address and promote the product/bonus page to others in order to gain enough referrals to get the product free. 

zippopay review what customers see

For example, using the screenshot above, instead of your customer paying $10 for a product, your customer can utilise the ZippoPay button and get referrals to the offer in exchange for the product. 

And below is an example of a page they'll be directed to, in which they are encouraged to get referrals:

zippopay review customer cycle

As a marketer with a product, this could potentially increase your exposure and send you more traffic...therefore resulting in more customers, and potentially more sales.

However, if you don't own a product, you could supposedly use ZippoPay's "Done For You" funnels to build a list and income. 

Pricing + Upsells

Here's a breakdown of the pricing of ZippoPay and the upsells that are included:

zippopay review software

ZippoPay Software - $20 (then $20/month)

This is the main software you'll be using to supposedly generate leads and income.

Vendors can place the ZippoPay buttons on their product pages.

Affiliates can use the pre-made funnel to generate leads and commissions.

zippopay cash funnels dfy

Cash Funnels DFY - $47 (Downsell $1 - 5 day trial)

With this upsell you can generate unlimited ZippoPay order buttons (different colours, designs etc).

Plus an additional "Done For You" funnel for the affiliates. 

The trial starts at $1 for 5 days, then you're charged $47

zippopay super affiliate activator

Super Affiliate Activator - $97 (Downsell $1 - 5 day trial)

This is apparently an "automated" feature that gives your ZippoPay account affiliate links of ZippoPay vendors. 

Note: You're not being charged to be an affiliate for the product, they're just charging you for a software that hardcodes you ZippoPay account with affiliate links.

The trial starts at $1 for 5 days, then you're charged $97

zippopay marketplace mogul

Marketplace Mogul - $197

Here you're given unlimited featured listings in the marketplace, which is designed to guarantee unlimited autopilot traffic and exposure. 

There is no free trial with this upsell. 

  • ZippoPay (Main Product) - $20 (during launch). Price will increase to $20/month after launch
  • Cash Funnels DFY (Upsell 1) - $47 ($1 trial for 5 days)
  • Super Affiliate Activator (Upsell 2) - $97 ($1 trial for 5 days)
  • Marketplace Mogul (Upsell 3) - $197

The Good...

  • Introduction video - When you get into the member's area, there's a 12-minute video which will give you a lot more detail about ZippoPay, how it works and how to start implementing it right away
  • Unique Method/Software - I've never seen a software like this before, so it's very interesting to discover more about it. As it's a unique product, it explains why they are getting a patent for it. 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Low entry cost to the product (during the launch) - If you're thinking of purchasing this product, I would highly recommend getting it during the launch. It will cost $20 one time only. However, if you purchase after the launch dates, then you'll be paying $20/month.  

The NOT So Good...

Despite the positives of this product, there are a few things lacking that I'd like to touch on.

  • Not enough in-depth training - As I took a sneak peek into the back end, I didn't see that there was much training available on how to generate traffic from the methods listed earlier on. I feel it would be good to have more in-depth training on these traffic methods. 
  • No trial of the main product - Although the trials already in place are not free trials, it's good that the first 2 upsells do provide you with low cost $1 trails to test out those products. It would have been nice if the main product also had a $1 trial for people on the fence about if the product is right for them. 

Final Thoughts 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this ZippoPay review. 

I hope this review has given you some further insight into the ZippoPay product. 

There's a lot of buzz around this product at the moment, so it'll be interesting to see how well it does after the initial launch

So, can this "magic" button help you generate viral leads and sales?

I believe this is a unique way to generate leads and income, and if you're able to put the time and effort to make it work, then I feel it is possible to achieve those results. 

There is a place for it for different kinds of online marketers, so for the moment, I will continue to keep this product “under review” and see how things pan out in the coming days/weeks.

If you've read this review and felt that ZippoPay is the right product for you, then click this here to set up your account now for only $20 one time offer (limited time only).

Additionally, any current users of ZippoPay, I've love to hear your experiences, so please share them in the comment below. 

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Let's discuss:

What did you think of this ZippoPay review?

What are your thoughts on using this software to generate leads and sales?

Are you already using ZippoPay? How is it working for you so far?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.


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Aria Len - February 19, 2019

I’m always weary of products like this because they’re asking you to spend a fairly large amount of money and definitely seem to be feeding consumers a lot of hype. While I’m sure there are products out there that keep their promise, this one seems to take a little too much work off my hands for me to take it seriously. If I’ve learned anything about blogging, it’s that building a lucrative online business takes time, patience and hard work. Anything that promises anything less is a big red flag in my book.

I guess I’m a bit old fashioned and believe in working hard for the things I have. But hey, maybe I’m wrong. This is a strong possibility.

    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi Aria, thanks for being part of the discussion and sharing your thoughts. You’re right, building a business does take time and patience, and sometimes products like Zippopay give aspiring entrepreneurs the wrong impression.

hong - February 19, 2019

Thank you for the in-depth review of zippopay. I’ve never heard of this before. I am very curious as to whether anyone has made money using this. It would be nice if they offer a free trial. There are so many scams online these days, not exactly sure if this system works. I guess it will work for those that put time and effort into it. This system is still pretty new, I will have to come back to your website for the update. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi Hong, thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts on this. To be honest, I haven’t heard much about Zippopay since I wrote the review which gives me the impression that not many people are making much money from it, but that’s not to say it’s impossible.

    I agree it would have been good to see a free trial though.

Maurice Jackson - February 17, 2019

Thanks for sharing this review. And as you have pointed out the time element is a major factor in getting the results that one may desire. I find websites like Zippopay to be time-consuming. Although it may be a perfect fit for some, for me, it would distract me from my content marketing website which is a handful by itself.

    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi Maurice, thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. I agree time is a big factor, and it’s something that requires time and isn’t really for everyone.

Chris Chong - November 17, 2018

Thanks for sharing an in-depth review about ZippoPay, Stephanie. This is the first time I’ve ever heard about it.

I guess it’s just another system that’s designed for “super affiliates” that doesn’t favor the beginners. I’ve made reviews about several equivalent platforms just like this.

Thanks for helping the public to identify legit “formal education” platform for online business and digital marketing.

Indeed Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best ONLINE BUSINESS HUB out there and I acknowledge it as “the best” online business education platform that’s affordable and suitable for anyone! (anybody who knows english and is interested to venture into the internet business world can TAP INTO THE PLATFORM without hesitation)


Martin Parker - November 16, 2018

Thanks for the review. At least you have tried it out a little bit. I have been searching online for nearly two days to find someone other than the seller who has actually made money with this and found nobody. Luckily, I did not immediately jump in and buy the product mainly because I could not figure out how best to use it and when I asked the vendor and promoter some questions about it they never replied. For me, it is always a bad sign when a marketer ignores my questions about their product. If they cannot be bothered to reply to a potential customer which is simply hitting Reply and a couple of minutes typing then I usually cannot be bothered to buy their product in the first place. Just to illustrate my point, a few days ago I was about to buy a product to sell things on Amazon. It cost £1,000 + VAT = £1,200. The vendor did not answer a simple question I had about his product so I did not buy it. The vendor’s laziness cost him £1,000.
Anyway, in this case I cannot find anyone to explain this system to me and how best to use it, nor can I find anyone who has made any money from using this product, and I am also not impressed by the promo giving the impression that all you have to pay is $20 when in fact it is $20 upfront then $20 per month. The promo also left out all the upsells you will be offered, so you will not know what they are or how to use them until they spring it on you after you have bought the frontend product.
When all the information is in, the hyped-up product does not look so hot. Also do not forget that you will still need to drive traffic to your offer and that will cost yet more money. The product doesn’t look so amazing now.

Best wishes, Martin Parker.

    Stephanie - November 16, 2018

    Hi Martin, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on this post and sharing your thoughts on the product. I wanted to address the points mentioned in your comment in a bullet point format:

    – As the product was only launched on 14th November, I think it’ll be difficult to find anyone that’s made money this early on. Hopefully, after some weeks/months we can get a better picture of this product and if one can actually make money with it.

    – I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t yet heard a response from the owners. I know what you mean though. You’d think there’d be at least 1 person to respond to messages, especially during the launch phase when many people will have questions. And just like in your example, vendors are missing out on potential customers by not responding.

    – I agree with you in regards to not knowing how to make use of the product. It looks like it has a role in the online marketing world, but unless you know how you’ll make full use of it, then no matter how low the price is, it’s not going to be worthwhile.

    – That leads me onto your point about having to drive traffic. I mentioned this in the post that one will need to consider the costs of paid advertising, as that’s what they recommend on the platform. So there’s a lot more than the $20 to think about.

    All in all, there are many things to think about with this product and it’s up to the potential buyer to decide whether the features of this product will fit their needs/goals.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experiences, it’s good to have a discussion about new products that are released in this way.

    All the best!


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