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Secret Profit Club Review – Scam or Legit Way To Bank $19k Today?

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Welcome to my Secret Profit Club Review!

​Imagine never having to work again...

...because you were earning $19k in a day while working for a "new and unseen" system?

Earning $19k/day would give you the ultimate financial freedom to do whatever you wanted right?!

Well, Secret Profit Club claims it can help you achieve this.

But can Secret Profit Club really live up to these extremely bold claims?

The fact that you've made it to this page shows me you're interested in discovering the truth.

If that's the case, then congratulations on taking this step to do your research before getting further into the website. 

So, without taking up too much time, let's get into this Secret Profit Club review... 

Product Name: Secret Profit Club


Owner: "Jack Robertson"

Price: $9 + Upsells

Rating: 30/100

Type of Opportunity: Marketing

Recommended?  NO 

secret profit club review logo


What Is Secret Profit Club?

secret profit club review insider look 1
secret profit club review insider look 3

Secret Profit Club is a product that claims to help it's users earn $19k in a day. 

Not just that, but they also make additional bold claims, reporting figures like $1719,510,520

WOW, these are really bold claims right?!

So, as you read through this review, watch as I delve deeper into the sales video and expose the real truths.

How Does It Work?

Secret Profit Club offers a training series of different social media sites ranging from Facebook to Snapchat. 

Here's a video giving you an inside look into the the Secret Profit Club training platform:

Is Secret Profit Club A Scam? 8 Shocking TRUTHS Exposed...

Having watched the sales video and having a sneak peek into the product, I managed to find SO many red flags which make it impossible for me to recommend this product:

1. Overhyped Income Claims

secret profit club review overhyped income claims

The income claims are extremely overhyped in the sales video.

They claim you can earn $!

That's just NOT possible, and it's shameful that they make such claims to lure unsuspecting users. 

2. Claims To Have A "New & Unseen" Strategy

secret profit club review new and unseen

The Secret Profit Club system claim they have a "new and unseen" strategy, but when you get inside the members area, you'll notice that the training is geared towards different marketing strategies. 

There's nothing "new and unseen" about that. 

3. Fake Testimonials

secret profit club review fake testimonial

Similar to other online products I've reviewed, like this one, the sales video contains fake and overhyped testimonials.

There are no videos or pictures of these "testimonials", so the owner can just make up names and figures to make you think that real people earned money with their system. 

It's all a sales tactic to make you part with your hard earned cash. 

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4. No Clear Idea Of How You'll Make Money

I watched the FULL sales video, and I didn't see one single mention of how you'll actually be making money online with the Secret Profit Club.

This means, you can only get the full information when you invest money into the system. 

In my opinion, a legitimate product would be very clear and upfront about what they offer from the beginning, and some might even offer a free trial if they know they have a solid product. 

Therefore, the lack of transparency of Secret Profit Club leads me to believe that they have something to hide. 

5. Different Names Mentioned In The Privacy Policy

While having a read through the Privacy Policy, I quickly discovered that a different product was mentioned ...Smart Profit App.

secret profit club review privacy policy

This suggested to me that the products are probably the same or similar, and it's the same company operating under different names. 

I did a quick Google search, which further added to my suspicions. 

secret profit club review smart profit app
secret profit club review similar to smart profit app

As you can see from the screenshots, they're almost the same product with different names!

6. Average User Will NOT Make Money With Their System

secret profit club review users don't make money

Well, that's no surprise since you don't know what you'll be doing to actually make money with Secret Profit Club. 

Plus, there's no step-by-step outline on what to do to earn the $19k that they suggest. 

7. Training Has NO Structure

Having had a look at the training platform, I can see that there's no clear structure. This means, the average newbie to internet marketing will struggle to earn an income. 

A beginner to marketing needs a step-by-step plan of how to make money, but Secret Profit Club doesn't deliver. 

8. Hidden Upsells

Unfortunately, Secret Profit Club is one of those products that advertise a low entry fee and then surprises you with upsells right after you sign up.

secret profit club review hidden upsells

Now, upsells are not uncommon in business, however, the trouble comes when you have a product like this that relies on upsells to scam you out of your money.

At first, it doesn't look like you'll be paying more than the $9, but after some digging, I managed to discover that you could be paying up to $236...a far cry from the initial $9


  • Low cost of $9 - Most products like this charge $27-$37+
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Overhyped Income Claims
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Different Product Names In Privacy Policy
  • Claims The Average User Doesn't Make Money With Their System
  • No Clear Idea Of How You'll Be Making Money Before You Buy
  • Training Has NO Structure
  • Hidden Upsells

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on making it to the end of this Secret Profit Club review.

Ultimately, Secret Profit Club is another overhyped opportunity that makes false claims about how much money you can make online.

Although there is evidence of some decent training in the members area, there is no clear structure, and with you will NOT make the income they claim, such as $19k in 1 day, with the training they provide. 

Sadly, more and more products like this are making their way through the internet.

This means any of you looking for a legitimate "make money online" opportunity needs to be extra vigilant and continue to do your research.

That is why I'm determined to write reviews like this to help users like you find the best, legit opportunities online. 

Final Verdict: NOT Recommended

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Secret Profit Club

secret profit club review logo

Overall Rating



  • Low Cost $9
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Overhyped Income Claims
  • No Clear Idea How You'll Make Money
  • Different Products In Privacy Policy
  • Training Has No Clear Structure
  • Hidden Upsells

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