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Welcome to my review.

I came across this when a comment on another blog mentioned that their account has now changed to

I was very intrigued by this as I had just recently done a review on, which I exposed as a scam. homepage

So now that it's changed its name to I thought I'd check it out for myself and find out if it's the same scam or now a legit way to earn $500-1000 a day online.

Now, if you're here to find out the truth then I want to say "well done" for being  vigilant and doing your research, and thanks for making it to my review.

Let's get started, cause there's SO much to tell you in this review... Review [At A Glance]

Recommended? NO

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10

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What Is is a site that promotes itself as  "The #1 Social Media Network" and then goes on to claim you can make money online by completing simple tasks such as, installing apps, surveys and sharing your link online. 

But just like, this website offers highly unrealistic income claims and unfortunately, I've seen many sites like this where they will not pay out to their users. 

For example, with both sites you're supposedly given a $30 sign up bonus, but as you'll soon discover in this review, there are just SO many inconsistencies about the income you'll earn, as well as the true facts about the "business"...

Can You Make Money Online With

Unfortunately, I am convinced you will NOT make any money with

As is just a rebrand of the site, they operate in the exact same way.

So, since users reported receiving no money from, I am 100% confident that users of will also NOT receive any money.

But rather than just shouting "scam scam scam", I actually want to present you with all the facts of why is just another online scam and why you should stay far away!

#1 Same Scam, Different Name

Firstly, as mentioned already, is just a rebranded name of a previous scam,

If you were to do a website search for, the site will automatically redirect to

Also, even though I already exposed the scam in a recent review, if you wanted more proof, you could do a simple Google search for where you'll find many other reviews that prove the website to be a scam.

So the fact that not only looks identical to the previous, but is also the rebranded name, highlights a MAJOR red flag for me.

#2 The Owners Make Money, NOT You

Ultimatelythe main purpose of, and sites like it, is to help the owners make money...not you.

The owners are the only people that benefit and earn through a method known as Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing.

This means that the owners of get as many people as they can to complete these offers, by promising high payouts.

Then at the end of it, they end up making the profits, without returning anything to the members. 

By simply completing these "tasks" that require you to enter your email or any details, the owners earn a commission, and then go on to pass your data to 3rd party companies without you realising. 

All part of a data harvesting scam. review - data harvesting scam

#3 Fake Start Date 

Just like, the site claims that they launched in 2000, but it didn't take me very long to discover that this is a complete lie.

fake start date

I was able to do a quick domain registration search, and uncovered that the site has only been registered since 30th March 2020. Which, according to the time of writing this review, makes the site only 7 days old! review - fake start date whois

See, another inconsistency!

#4 The Numbers Don't Add Up

As mentioned above, it's the owners that earn money. They generally would only receive $1-$3 for every action you take, such as filling out a survey, downloading an app how can they offer to pay you $50+ to complete these "tasks"?

Not just that, but the $30 sign up bonus is another lie. Apparently, just like, they have over 300,000 users, and paid out $59,000,000.

Really?! only 7 days?!

Not just that, where can they possibly get the money to pay every one of their 300,000 users $30, just to sign up?!

Hmm...just a bunch of fake numbers!

Ultimately, as you'll continue to discover in this review, the facts and numbers just don't add up, and the income they claim is completely fake, just to excite you and others into sign up.

Furthermore, as you actually go into the "task wall", you'll discover that there are no real tasks to complete.

Most, if not all, tasks require you to enter your email or personal details. 

Why on earth would they pay out $50 just to enter your email?! 

It's completely unrealistic.

This further proves that the site is just a way to collect your data as part of a data harvesting scam, by promising huge money. 

#5 No Social Media Following

As I've mentioned previously, claims to be the "#1 Social Media Network".

This means that they should have some form of social media presence, including followers and social media accounts right?

However, when you try to click on their social media accounts, there are none!

Well that's not surprising considering the site is only a few days old.

Each social icon at the bottom of the home page takes me nowhere, just stays on the same page. 

If they really are #1 Influencers, surely they should have social media accounts, and tons of followers also, right?!

#6 Fake Earnings

With, they have a clever way of making it look like you're receiving money for completing "tasks" and referring other members. 

I know this because it's exactly what they did with

For example, in my review I exposed how they fake the numbers in your account to make it look like you're earning, when in fact that's not the case.

So, upon trying to create an account with I was told my email address already exists.

Hmm...interesting, as I've never joined the site before.

Then, I went ahead and signed up with the details I used for

Surprise, surprise, I was able to log in, and my "earnings" were at $41, just like in my review.

How could I have made any money when I've never joined the site before? review - fake earnings

Well, it's because and are the exact same scam, just with a different name.

But, if was simply just a rebrand of, why wouldn't the owners put a disclaimer letting their users know the name had changed?

It's because they don't want you to know.

They want users to join this site as if it's a new opportunity so that more and more people get sucked in, then more and more people enter their details, which in effect adds more money to the owners pockets, and nothing to you.

#7 Promotional Posts For

reward dollar promotional posts

Not only does have the fake start date, and fake earnings, but they also still have the promotional posts for

Considering the site is just a replacement for, I'm not surprised to see that they still have the promotional posts for InboxDollar.

Again, this just further proves that the website is a fake, and just a complete copy of the scam.

#8 No Terms & Conditions 

Upon creating an account, you are requested to "accept the terms and conditions", however, there is no option to actually access these.

terms and conditions

Therefore, how can you trust a site that doesn't even have any T&Cs on the site, but requests you to accept them. 

Another proof that is no good!

#9 Identical To Other Scams 

Although we've identified that is identical to

It is also identical/similar to other online data harvesting scams I've reviewed previously, such as:

And the list is continuously growing...

If you've come across any of these already, then you should definitely stay away from and, cause you will waste your time with this too, and not get any money.

My Final Thoughts - Is A Scam?

Thank you for making it to the end of this review.

As you can see, the evidence really does speaks for itself! 

Just as I exposed, I have also exposed for what it really is.

I've done enough research on "make money online" opportunities, and used enough "Get Paid To" (GPT) sites, to know when something is the real deal or not...

...and hopefully I've shown enough evidence to prove that is definitely NOT the real deal, and you shouldn't waste your time on this fake site.

Therefore, in my opinion, and based on my research, is a complete scam!

Final Verdict: NOT Recommended! Alternatives

Instead, why not check out these legitimate alternatives:

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  • Waste of time
  • Won't pay to it's users
  • Fake start date, fake earnings and fake testimonials
  • Exact copy of
  • Data harvesting scam

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