Mark Ling’s Profit Engine Review – Inside The HOTTEST New Launch Of 2018 - Precious New Start

Mark Ling’s Profit Engine Review – Inside The HOTTEST New Launch Of 2018

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Product Name: Profit Engine


Price: $2497 (one time offer)

Owners: Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones

Overall Rating: To be updated

Pre-Launch Date: 5th June 2018

Launch Date: 12th June 2018

Launch End Date: 21st June 2018

Here's what to expect from this Profit Engine review:


What Is Profit Engine?

Profit Engine is a high-ticket program/course geared towards teaching anyone how to make profitable income online from scratch.

So whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience, you're taught how to sell affiliate products through paid traffic and earn "super affiliate" style commissions.

A Bit About The Owners

Mark Ling

Mark Ling is a successful affiliate marketer who is also the creator of Affilorama, which is one of the most popular Affiliate Marketing training platforms online, and he offers a lot of training for free. 

Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones

Both of these guys are successful affiliate marketers in their own rights. 

They've made products together in the past which has earned them both a lot of money and provided a lot of value to their customers. 

Overall, all 3 of these online marketers have been very successful online with Affiliate Marketing, and have provided a lot of value and content within the internet marketing community over the years.

I believe they are a good trio to follow as they have tried and tested the methods themselves. 

What Training Is Included?

There are 8 weeks of live training involved through live weekly sessions. Within these training modules you'll be taught how to:

1) Find Profitable Niches

This session will cover:

  • Creating high click-through rate (CTR) ads
  • High converting sales pages
  • Choosing offers that are "proven" to sell
  • ...and more

2) Run Ads

As you go through the training you'll also be taught how to run ads at a low budget. However, it's not totally clear what methods you'll be using to run these ads (Facebook ads, banner ads etc)

3) Test And Scale Up

Then you'll discover how to test and scale up your ads, without risking a lot of money. The idea is that you'll only be scaling when small ad budgets bring in a good return on investment (ROI). 

Additional Bonuses

There are some additional bonuses included if you decide to sign up for Profit Engine, these include:

  • Ad Challenge - Submit your ads to be reviewed by super affiliates
  • Live weekly Q&A sessions after the 8 weeks training
  • "Copy & Paste" high converting presell page templates
  • Access to their swipe file of high converting ads

Who Is It For?

Profit Engine could be suitable for you if you are:

  • Interested in earning an income with Affiliate Marketing
  • Ready to learn paid marketing
  • Prepared to work hard
  • Not looking for only freebie handouts
  • Able to afford an ad budget + the cost of the training

Who Is It NOT For?

Profit Engine is not suitable for you if you are:


  • Don't need to have your own product, email list or inventory to earn money with this training
  • Dedicated support team and access to a community of other members
  • Recommended tools and resources to help you succeed with their training.
  • check-circle
    No upsells - There's no need to purchase other software/products. Everything you need is included in the one-time payment.
  • check-circle
    Could apply to any niche


  • times-circle
    Expensive - For the amount of training you're getting, 8 sessions, I feel the cost of this course is very expensive. At $2497, I personally feel that most beginner marketers will not be able to afford something like this right away. I think they could potentially offer a monthly payment plan to make it more affordable for some members. 
  • Hyped sales video - Claims you can make "$1000 in 15 mins" or mentions how one of their students made "$19,000 in 1 week". These results could be true, but overhyped sales pages/videos like this tend to have a negative effect. It makes the program appear less genuine and unrealistic. 
  • Only 8 weeks of full training/coaching - There's 1 training session a week, so access to only 8 videos doesn't feel like a full training platform. However, there is still access to Q&A sessions after the 8 weeks, and it may be enough for the type of training they are offering. 
  • Paid traffic methods only - This training platform only teaches you Affiliate Marketing through paid traffic methods. This may not be much of a con for some, as paid traffic will get you results faster for sure, however, it may not be suitable for you if you have low start-up funds.

Is There An Alternative?


As an active member of Wealthy Affiliate, I personally like to recommend this training platform because it provides you with the real basics when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

Perfect for beginner marketers, you get access to top tools and training to really help you really get started from scratch, and work on building an online business of your own.

With Wealthy Affiliate, there's a vast amount of training material and each module has actionable steps to help you keep track of your progress. 

Pretty much all the tools you need are included within the platform, such as Keyword tool, web hosting, content tools, domain registration, training, support, etc.

Plus, you get to:

  • Interact with a community of fellow members
  • Gain access to live weekly webinars with step by step tips to build your business
  • Work your way through training material that will help you grow as an Affiliate Marketer and become an authority within your niche. 

==> You get all of this and more for only $49/month

Special Wealthy Affiliate Bonus

As a special bonus for joining me in Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get your first premium month for only $19. That’s more than 63% discount! It’s a great way to really test out the premium membership and see if Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

However, you still always have the option to stay a free member.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I feel this opportunity has a lot of potential. The methods used in this platform are legitimate methods to making money online with Affiliate Marketing. 

If you're willing to put in the effort and work hard, then there's no reason why you can't get results with this platform. 

Not only that, you also get access to super affiliates who will be sharing their best tools, resources and methods for generating an income online. 

My main concerns at the moment are that the price of the course is very high, therefore you need to have some start-up costs in order to purchase and make money with this. 

I hope you found this Profit Engine review helpful, and if you're interested in joining, click the button below and get access to some bonus freebies:


Click below to sign up FREE to my #1 Affiliate Marketing beginners course, as an alternative:

Note: This Profit Engine review is based on the pre-launch. The review may be updated when/if there are any significant changes or issues with the program post-launch.

What are your thoughts on Mark Ling's Profit Engine?

What are your experiences of this program and/or other Mark Ling products?

Join in the discussion and be sure to share your comments, thoughts and experiences.

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Karen - September 14, 2018


I am reading reviews in retrospect after completing the Profit Engine course. To say I am frustrated, disillusioned and upset is an understatement. Quite simply it is a SCAM.

I’m horrified that seemingly honest people such as yourself would have even considered promoting this or giving it a positive review. This was not a $70 course you could write off. Many people went into debt for the $2500 cost. There are so many people who are now in hardship having been promised the world by this course.

In summary:
* I followed the course to the letter, invested time and money (ad spend) and yet did not make ANY SALES despite using their formula and suggested vendor
* Mark Ling has nothing to do with the training AT ALL
* Gerry and Rob seemed to be making it up as they went along. The webinars contained little information and were rambling
* The offer we were told to promote was terrible and by photos found since, set up by a friend of Rob and Gerry’s.
* Promised supplementary content was either provided late or not at all
* The promised review of our ads did not happen
* The one on one mentor session did not happen
* It was set up so we couldn’t even attempt an ad until after the Clickbank 30 day refund period was closed
* Their “million dollar ad/image/pre-sell” was no longer Facebook compliant
* They advocated unethical practices to avoid Facebook regulations.
* Even then ad accounts were shut down repeatedly and they had ways to work around that.
* They refuse to honour their “if you don’t make a sale” double money back guarantee.
* The examples of success stories they used in the VSL were fabricated. e.g. Bonnie, promoted as “a 62 year old Grandmother went from being $70K in debt to $160K” was actually promoting herself as an affiliate marketing success 7 years ago! There are so many more examples.

So please, if you are reading this, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from Gerry Cramer or Rob Jones. Honestly, the jury is still out on Mark Ling. He did put his name to it and one of his assistants has been taking the course alongside us and could barely make a sale- an experienced affiliate marketer!

Please feel free to reach out if you too have been hurt by these charlatans, or you would like more information. A fellow disgruntled student has started a Facebook page for us to gather and consider our options.

Kind regards,

    Stephanie - September 19, 2018

    Hi Karen, thank you SO much for sharing your experience, and I’m also truly sorry to hear you’ve had a very bad experience with this program.

    Although I do share some things I believed to be positives about the program, I have also been very clear about the negatives and the things I didn’t like about the program. So I tried to make my review as balanced as possible, and any decisions made after that are based on the individual.

    Again, I am very sorry to hear about your experience and hope anyone else who’s had a similar (or an opposite) experience, to feel free to share on this platform, and any other platform necessary.

    Wishing you all the best, and hope you’re able to find alternative options to this problem.

Rich - August 11, 2018

Im almost 2 month in the course and so far no profit just dreams dosent seam to work so far i will kepp you updated.

    Stephanie - August 13, 2018

    Hi Rich, thanks for commenting and sharing your experience so far.

    Sorry to hear you’re not profiting so far, but hopefully things will start picking up soon.

    How are you getting on with the course in terms of training and tools? Are you learning new skills, developing your online marketing experience?

    I look forward to hearing your update. All the best!

Jay - June 12, 2018

Thanks for the review Stephanie! At $2497 I’m sure a lot of people will be spooked…don’t forget people… invest in yourselves! It truly is the key to success.

    Stephanie - July 15, 2018

    Hi Jay, thanks for commenting. Yes, the price point is quite steep and will turn a lot of people off, which is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a budget-friendly alternative.

    However, one good thing I like about Profit Engine is that they don’t have any hidden upsells, so at least you know all your paying is the $2497

Yumi - June 12, 2018

Thank you for this review which is very clear and easy to read. I agree with the above comment, I think it is expensive. Also with paid marketing, you have to have a budget put aside, too which make it quite a large upfront investment.

    Stephanie - July 15, 2018

    Hi Yumi, I agree, you will need to put a budget aside for the paid advertising. I believe they teach you how to get started with just $5 a day, so it’s still an affordable amount. However, coupled with the cost of the training, all the extra ad budget will eventually add up to a hefty amount.

Melissa - June 12, 2018

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for this review. I’m curious. I think the cost of Profit Engine is reasonable only if it is providing true advanced education in paid advertising. However, if it is providing the same information that is available for free online, then it is definitely not worth it.

Does Profit Engine offer any type of money back guarantee?

    Stephanie - June 12, 2018

    Hi Melissa, thanks for commenting! I agree, $2497 will only be worth it if Profit Engine offers a lot of value. But for beginners, I can imagine it will be quite costly, so I thought I could suggest a high-quality cheaper alternative for those on a budget.

    In regards to money back guarantee, I’m not too sure yet. At the moment there currently isn’t a sales page, it’s just a squeeze page offering free case study etc. But once the sales page is released I can update that information on the blog.

    Thanks for pointing that out! All the best.

Ruben - June 11, 2018

I have experience with e-commerce and almost all the traffic to a new store has to be paid traffic. What you are describing is very alike to e-commerce. The main sources for paid traffic are Facebook Ads and Google Ads, but they are not the only ones. You can find good courses on each of these methods on teachable and UdeMy for much less money. In my personal opinión, nothing beats organically grown traffic.

    Stephanie - July 15, 2018

    Hi Ruben, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I agree organic traffic is more likely to stick around longer. I think it’s a good idea to work with both though. Start with paid advertising to build results fast, then behind the scenes work on organic traffic for longevity.

    Yes, Udemy and Teachable have a lot of great courses. Are there any that you’d personally recommend which is similar to Profit Engine? Thanks

    Wishing you all the best!

Jude - June 7, 2018

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for sharing this review. I have not heard of Profit Engine before but I have to say in view of its high cost, it can be risky and probably in my opinion…overpriced. Unless I’m the odd one out, most would not want to invest that much before they start to see results. I am with Wealthy Affiliate and to me, that’s a better platform for anyone who is interested in building an online business through affiliate marketing.


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