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Private Cash Sites Review [2019] – A Scam or Fastest Way To $10k In A Month?!

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Welcome to my Private Cash Sites review.

Imagine being shown a "brand new method" of making money online!

The chance to go from zero to $10k a month, using a "done-for-you" business. 

That's what Private Cash Sites claims it can offer you if you join their system

But what's the truth?!

Is Private Cash Sites a scam, or is it your ticket to ditching the 9-5 job and earning a 3 to 7 figure income online?

The fact that you've made it to this page shows me that you're keen to discover the honest truth about this system.

If that's the case, then I want to say "well done" to you. It's important that you find out all you can before you purchase any product online. 

So, let’s not waste any more time and REVEAL all that Private Cash Sites REALLY has to offer...

Product Name: Private Cash Sites


Owner: "Felicity"

Price: $47 + Upsells

Rating: 20/100

Type of Opportunity: Affiliate Marketing

Recommended?  NO 

private cash sites review logo


What Is Private Cash Sites?

private cash sites review sales page

Private Cash Sites is an online system that claims it can give you the secret to earning $10k a month online, with no experience and in as little as 10 minutes!

But is it really be possible?!

I encourage you to keep on reading while I reveal my interesting findings...

How Does Private Cash Sites Work?

Based on the sales video, it appears that you'll be learning how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

Not just that, but they also make claims that you'll be getting access to "3 done-for-you businesses".

The truth is, these "businesses", as they call them, are just sales funnels to promote affiliate offers.

Furthermore, they make bold claims about this being a "brand new method" to making money online...but there's nothing new about Affiliate Marketing.

private cash sites review done for you businesses

Is Private Cash Sites A Scam? You Have To See It To Believe It...

There are SO many red flags in this program, simply from the sales video alone.

In my opinion, the fact that I was able to quickly identify these signs, indicates that this product will not work as well as they claim, and has clear signs of an online scam.

1. Overhyped Income Claims

private cash sites review overhyped income claims

The income claims are totally overhyped in the sales video. They claim you can earn $10K+ in only 30 days, with little work involved, but that's not the truth! 

2. This is NOT A Brand New Method

private cash sites review brand new method of making money online

In the sales video, they claim that you'll have access to a brand new method.

However, the method you'll be learning about in Private Cash Sites is Affiliate Marketing, which has been out for DECADES!!

There is nothing new about affiliate marketing, and this is just a scammy tactic to make you believe that you're getting access to something which is "top secret".

3. Hidden Upsells

At first, it doesn't look like you'll be paying any more than $47 to access Private Cash Sites, and with all the exit pop-ups, you might end up paying about $17.

But after some further digging, I discovered that affiliates of this "system" can earn commissions up to $273 per customer. 

This clearly tells me that customers could be spending more than $300 if they end up purchasing the upsells. 

4. They WILL Rent or Sell Your Data

private cash sites review will rent or sell your data

Not only does this product have an overhyped sales page with hidden upsells and fake claims, but the disclaimer also mentions that your data will be rented or sold if you decide to input your details. 

How can you really trust a program that's willing to sell your data in this way?!

That's why it's important to look at the small print of any system before you choose to join. That way you can avoid being scammed online.

5. From The "Team" That Launched The "Explode My Payday" Scam!

private cash sites review from the team that launched explode my payday

If all that wasn't enough, you may also be surprised to discover that this system is brought to you by the same team that launched "Explode My Payday".

If you haven't come across it yet, it's basically another online system scam that makes overhyped promises and claims, but delivers low quality in the members' area. 

The fact that the team behind Private Cash Sites is also behind Explode My Payday gives me more than enough reason to discourage you from purchasing this product. 


  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Some Basic Affiliate Marketing Training


  • Overhyped & Misleading Income Claims
  • This Is NOT A Brand New Method
  • Hidden Upsells
  • They WILL Rent and Sell Your Data
  • From The Same Team That Launched "Explode My Payday"

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on making it to the end of this Private Cash Sites review, and thank you for taking the time to read through it. 

So, what's the Private Cash Sites A Scam?

Unfortunately, I believe this product isn't all that it claims to be at all! They use scammy tactics to get you to hand over your hard earned cash.

The system is NOT going to give you the necessary skills and training to help you earn $10k a month online. 

This site is similar to other “scams” I’ve reviewed such as

  1. CB Cash Code
  2. Greedy Mentor
  3. Cash Formula

Sadly, more and more products like this are making their way onto Clickbank.

This means any of you looking for a legitimate "make money online" opportunity needs to be extra vigilant and continue to do your research.

That is why I'm determined to write reviews like this to help users like you find the best, legit opportunities online. 

Despite this review, the method of Affiliate Marketing is legit, and there are real trainings/tutorials that can help you be successful with it, but I would NEVER encourage anyone to join Private Cash Sites.

There are much better courses out there, and owners who are worthy of your money, rather than those that use scammy tactics to sell their product. 

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Private Cash Sites

$47 + Upsells
private cash sites review sales page

Overall Rating



  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Some Basic Affiliate Marketing Training


  • Overhyped + Misleading Claims
  • From The Team That Launched "Explode My Payday"
  • Not A Brand New Method To Making Money Online
  • Hidden Upsells
  • WILL Sell or Rent Your Data

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