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8 Review – Is a SCAM or LEGIT?

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Welcome to my review.

If you've been looking for a way to make money online in the past few days there's a chance you've come across this site,, but wanted to know for sure if it's a legitimate way to make money online.

 Maybe you're wondering, Is A Scam?

If that's the case, then well done for taking the time to find this review and discover the truth for yourself.

So, let's get started, cause there's a lot to tell you...


What Is

is a scam homepage is a website that promotes itself as a way to make money online completing tasks and promoting their website.

Despite the red flags I've come across, it presents itself as a "Get Paid To" (GPT) website, which requires you to complete different types of tasks to earn an income online. 

How Does It Work?

is a scam how it works claims you can make extra money online using their site and following these 3 simple steps you can make decent money right away:

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Promote

Step 3: Get Paid

Video Walkthrough

Ways To Make Money With Mania Profit gives the impression that it's really easy to make money online with their website. 

Here are a few ways which you can apparently use to make money online with

  • Promote your referral link and get people to click through
  • Win bonuses up to $5 per task
  • $3 sign up bonus
  • Sign up to the daily offers email
  • $5 reward to upload a Youtube video
  • External links to other "opportunities"

Can You Really Make Money Easily With READ THIS...

There are SO many red flags in this program, and having had a look inside this "opportunity" I'm more and more convinced that this site is NOT a legitimate way to make money online.

Take a look at what I found:

1. Misleading Claims

Luckily, this program doesn't claim that you can make $1000s in just 24 hours using some secret loophole, like some other products I've reviewed.

However, it does give the impression that making money online with them is so simple, and that you need to do is get people to click your link and you get paid.  

Not only that, but the site also mentions that top earners are supposedly making up to $500/day, which does give a very false impression about what the average earner could make with this website. 

2. High Payout Threshold ($100)

This site has a very high payout threshold of $100. This means you need to make $100 or more before you can request your money to be paid out. 

I'd be interested to see if anyone is able to receive a payout, as this site has many signs of a scam...which I will continue to discuss further.

3. Affiliate Links To Clickbank Scams

This is the section of the website that stood out to me the most. 

While checking out the site for myself, I noticed that there was a section dedicated to making more money online. 

The thing is, the websites they suggested are just affiliate links to Clickbank products, which are known to be scams.

is a scam affiliate links to clickbank scams

One of the sites they list as a way to make money online is Writing Jobs Online, and if you take a look at my review here, you'll see that I exposed this as a site built to just take your money and not really offer anything of value

Ultimately, the goal of is to send users to these other sites through their affiliate links, so that the owners can earn commissions online.

Other sites they link to include Take Surveys For Cash and Paid Social Media Jobs, and if you do a search for these two websites on Google you'll see TONs of negative reviews online.

Think about it, if ManiaProfit is willing to promote these kinds of offers, then what does it tell you about them as a company/opportunity?

4. Has No SSL Certificate

is a scam no ssl certificate

Whenever I look for a legitimate opportunity online, one of the first things I look at is the domain name. 

I noticed right away that did not have the SSL certificate.

An SSL certificate is a way of showing that a website is secure, and any site that wants to operate legitimately would pay to have the SSL certificate for their domain name. 

I feel any site without an SSL certificate is automatically a red flag.

5. Poor Grammar

I noticed quite quickly that the grammar on this site wasn't very good, and that was a red flag moment for me too. 

I just feel that any legitimate site would have taken the time to make sure things like spelling and grammar were at a minimum.

But the fact that there were many instances of poor grammar gave me the impression that the owners didn't put enough work into the site and making it a legitimate way to make money online.

Overall, it looks like something was just put together really quickly to scam people to give them money.

6. Promoting Via Youtube

is a scam promoting youtube video same info

The site claims that you can make some extra money with them if you promote their site by creating and uploading a Youtube video.

If you upload a Youtube video and send them the link, then you'll be able to earn $5.

However, ManiaProfit gives you the exact title and description to use in order to promote them.

I imagine that if you use any other title or description, then you may not be able to get the $5 they claim you can make. 

So it suggests to me that they are particular about what you can say in your promotions.

Also, by paying people to create videos, they increase their chances of becoming popular and they get more people to join their fake website.

Therefore, if for whatever reason you choose to join this site, then please do not make a video promoting this as you will be feeding more people into this system and it's a waste of your time and other people's time. Payment Proof

At this moment in time, I have not come across a single user who has made income from this and received it in their Paypal or bank account. 

is a scam no payment proof

Eventhough the site claims its top earners can make up to $500 per day, the lack of any payment proof suggests to me that those claims were false and it doesn't actually pay its users.

If you are a user of and have been paid directly to your account then please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. 


  • Free to join


  • Affiliate links to Clickbank scams
  • Misleading claims
  • High payout threshold
  • Poor grammar on the website
  • No evidence of anyone receiving payment

Final Thoughts - Is A Scam?

Based on the information I've gathered from this site, along with other sites I've researched I believe that is a scam.

There's nothing to suggest that ManiaProfit will pay, and many other users have also reported as a scam. Just click here to take a look at the BeerMoney Forum, you'll see other users sharing their experiences. 

Furthermore, when I was first researching this website, it was listed on BeerMoney Forum as new, and at that point the answer to "Is Mania Profit A Scam or Legit" was not yet known, but after just 2 days of finishing this review I can see that it has now been classed as a scam by the BMF members.

is a scam beermoneyforum 1
is a scam beermoneyforum 2

As a result of these findings, I highly recommend you stay away from this, and do not encourage others to join, even just to test it out, as you are just feeding people into this scam. 

What to do next?...

If you're tired of scams and looking for a real legitimate way to make money online, then here are 2 options for you:

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Whichever option you choose, I hope you're able to find the right opportunity for you.

Let's discuss:

What did you think of this review?

What are your thoughts, Is ManiaProfit A Scam?

Are you able to make money online? What methods do you use to earn an income online?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.

Overall Rating



  • Free to join


  • High payout threshold $100
  • Affiliate links to Clickbank scams
  • Doesn't pay it's users
  • Misleading income claims
  • Website not secure

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Heku - October 17, 2018

Hey Stephanie! The internet world is full of scams nowadays and as soon as one types “ways how to make money online” there will be a bunch of them in the screen. It was very useful to get informed on as it seems that it is getting through internet by storm and a lot of people are getting deceived. Thank you for your close research and informative post.


    Stephanie - November 16, 2018

    Hi Heku, thanks for commenting. I agree, is a really popular search term at the moment as many people are wanting to discover if it’s legit or not. Unfortunately, it’s NOT a legitimate way to make money. It’s a waste of time, and they just want you to sign up to their affiliate links. The only ones making money are the owners of the site, and I hope my review can help others see that.

Fred - October 17, 2018

I’m glad that you are putting reviews out on these crooked sites more people do need to know about them. I think people like this should have to pay their users back all they spend. Don’t you? It would probably be hard to do that but they should be closed down.

    Stephanie - October 17, 2018

    Hi Fred, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree, there should be a way for them to pay users back for their time wasted. At the very least, hopefully, this scam will be closed down.

nate - October 17, 2018

Thanks for providing this detailed review, I’m in agreement that this sounds like a scam, I’m familiar with the other products they are providing, I wonder if they are all owned by the same person, which may be why they are suggesting users promote them specifically.

    Stephanie - October 17, 2018

    Hi Nate, thanks for commenting. It’s possible that there are other sites similar to this, and they may all be owned by the same person/people. All the best!

PEARL - October 17, 2018

Hi, Thanks for this information, I’ll definitely stay away from it

    Stephanie - October 17, 2018

    You’re welcome Pear, thanks for commenting.


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