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4 Review – Same Scam, Different Name!

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Welcome to my review.

In these times of uncertainty, if you've been looking for a way to make money online and work from home there's a chance you're here because you've come across this site, review logo

If so, I want you to know the real truth about and whether it's really a legit way to earn $500-1000 a day.

So, congrats on doing your research and making it to this review.

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What Is is a site that claims to be "The #1 Influencer Network" and then goes on to promote that you can make $500-1000 a day online simply by referring others to the program, and completing "tasks".

These "tasks" supposedly include downloading apps and completing surveys. 

The problem with this website is that they offer unrealistically high income claims and unfortunately, my research and experience suggests that they will not pay out to their users. 

Although this site is extremely new, at the time of writing, it is almost identical to many other scams I've reviewed in the past, and presents the same/similar RED FLAGs as my previous reviews.

Still not sure?

Keep on reading this review as I expose more hidden truths about this "business"...

How Much Can You Make With

Unfortunately, I am convinced you will NOT make any money with

At first, it may look like your making money when you see your account balance is increasing, but sadly this is all fake, and at the end of it you will NOT receive any money, which I will uncover why further into this review.

Here is a breakdown of why is another online scam and why you should stay far away!

#1 Same Scam, Different Name

Firstly, is just a rebranded name of a previous scam,

If you do a website search for, the site will automatically redirect to

And if you do a simple Google search for, you'll discover many reviews that prove the website to be a scam. review - review

So the fact that not only looks identical to the previous, but is also the rebranded name, highlighted a MAJOR red flag for me.

#2 The Owners Make Money, NOT You

Ultimatelythe main purpose of, and sites like it, is to help the owners make money...not you.

The owners are the only people that benefit and earn through a method known as Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing.

This means that the owners of get as many people as they can to complete these offers, by promising high payouts.

Then at the end of it, they end up making the profits, without returning anything to the members. 

By simply completing these "tasks" that require you to enter your email or any details, the owners earn a commission, and then go on to sell your data to 3rd party companies without your permission. 

All part of a data harvesting scam.

#3 Fake Start Date 

This site claims that they launched in 2015, but it didn't take me very long to find out that this is a complete lie. review - fake start date 2015

I was able to do a domain registration search, and quickly discovered that the site has only been registered since 31st March 2020. Which, according to the time of writing this review, makes the site only 6 days old! review - fake start date

Another RED FLAG in my books!

#4 The Numbers Don't Add Up

As mentioned above, it's the owners that earn money. They generally would only receive $1-$3 for every action you take, such as filling out a survey, downloading an app how can they offer to pay you $60+ to complete these "tasks"?

Not just that, but the $30 sign up bonus is a complete lie. Apparently, they have 730,000 users, and paid out $158,000,000.

Really?! only 6 days?!

Not just that, where can they possibly get the money to pay every one of their 730,000 users $30, just to sign up?!

Hmm...those numbers sounds fake to me!

Ultimately, as you'll continue to discover in this review, the facts and numbers just don't add up, and the income they claim is completely fake, just to get you and others to sign up.

#5 No Real Tasks To Complete review - no real tasks to complete

Furthermore, as you actually go into the "task wall", you'll discover that there are no real tasks to complete.

Most, if not all, tasks require you to enter your email or personal details. 

Why on earth would they pay out $60 just to enter your email?! 

It's completely unrealistic.

This further proves that the site is just a way to collect your data as part of a data harvesting scam, by promising huge money. 

#6 No Social Media Following

As I've mentioned previously, claims to be the "#1 Influencer Network".

This means that they should have some form of social media presence, including followers and social media accounts right?

However, when you try to click on their social media accounts, there are none!

Each social icon at the bottom of the home page takes me nowhere, just on the same page. 

If they really are #1 Influencers, surely they should have social media accounts, and tons of followers also, right?!

#7 Fake Earnings

With, they have a clever way of making it look like you're receiving money for completing "tasks" and referring other members. 

For example, I created an account with to prove to you that I've actually tried this out, and to see what would happen if I shared the link on my Twitter account. 

Before sharing my link, I had the $30 sign up bonus.

However, after sharing my referral link, which stayed on my Twitter account for a mere 10 seconds, and despite the fact that I don't get engagement on my Twitter posts so quickly, I refreshed my account.

I was surprised to find that I'd received 8 clicks and "earned" $16. review - fake earnings

So, considering the link was only on my Twitter account for just 10 seconds, it's impossible that I would have received even 1 click, let alone 8!

Therefore, as awesome has it would have been, there's no way I could have really made $16 in just 10 seconds.

This just further proves to me that the "earnings" are fake, and the site is not real!

Ultimately, sites like give the impression that you're getting clicks and earning money, but it's all a clever trick to encourage you to refer more people and complete more tasks.

#8 Promotional Posts For review - fake promotional posts identical to surveyjunkies

Not only does have a fake start date, and fake earnings, but they also still have the promotional posts for

Considering the site is just a replacement for, I'm not surprised to see that they still have the promotional posts for SurveyJunkies.

Plus, their about page still mentions review - about page mentions 2 different sites

Again, this just further proof that the website is a fake, and just a complete copy of the scam.

#9 No Terms & Conditions 

Upon creating an account, you are requested to "accept the terms and policy", however, there is no option to actually access these. terms and conditions

Therefore, how can you trust a site that doesn't even have any T&Cs on the site, but requests you to accept them. 

Another proof that is no good!

#10 Identical To Other Scams is also identical to other online data harvesting scams I've reviewed previously, such as:

1. ShareCash:


2. And OGTask:

play well as these other scams:

And the list is continuously growing...

If you've come across any of these already, then you should definitely stay away from, cause you will waste your time with this too, and not get any money.

My Final Thoughts - Is A Scam?

Thank you for making it to the end of this review.

As you can see, the evidence really does speaks for itself! 

I've done enough research on "make money online" opportunities, and used enough "Get Paid To" (GPT) sites, to know when something is the real deal or not...

...and hopefully I've shown enough evidence to prove that is definitely NOT the real deal, and you shouldn't waste your time on this fake site.

Therefore, in my opinion, and based on my research, is a complete scam!

Final Verdict: NOT Recommended! Alternatives

Instead, why not check out these legitimate alternatives:

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Overall Rating



  • Same scam, different name
  • Fake start date and Fake earnings
  • No real tasks to complete
  • Misleading income & won't pay
  • Identical to other scams

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Donna Wood - April 9, 2020

Thank you for your review, unfortunately I didn’t see it until I wasted way too much time completing “tasks” and then waiting for a month for my money to be put into my PayPal account. As of now according to their website they owe me $1178 and we’re suppose to pay me yesterday. So now I’m sitting here with a broken foot, not a penny to my name and no where to live. I really wish there was a way to make them payout what they claim they are going to. I used up all my data on my phone plan with their rediculious tasks now I can’t even get online without narrowing someone else’s hotspot. Thank you again for these great reviews you do

    Stephanie - April 10, 2020

    Hi Donna, thank for so much for taking the time to comment and share your experience. I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had to go through this.

    Sadly, they use clever tactics to make people believe it’s real until they wait the 30 days for the payment to find out the truth.

    That’s why I hope with my review, and your experience, it will warn others about this fake site.

    I hope things do get better for you, health-wise and financially. If you are still looking for legit sites, I shared a few under “bonusjunkies alternatives”.

    Hope that helps you out a bit :).

    Best of luck.

Christopher - April 8, 2020

I get that it sounds to good to be true but i know people who have personal made money from this and another site like it did you complete your tasks and referrals and try to cash out and as far as no real tasks ive completed all my tasks with no trouble i did the the download apps and they worked for me and as far as serveyjunkies that is a completely different site since i have both plus serveyjunkies is an app you download on your phone all ive seen here is hear say no actual legit proof of it being a scam just yet again another person bashing site to bring themselves more people to their own site make sure you have legit proof before calling a site a scam thats called slander destroying the reputation of someone or a business with no real evidence is slander hope you do great with your site but this is not the way to do it

    Stephanie - April 10, 2020

    Hi Christopher, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe for 1 second that anyone has made money with this site.

    And I will not waste my time on an obvious scam just to prove it doesn’t payout. I’ve already shown the fake earnings which is more than enough for me.

    As I mentioned at the end of my review “the evidence speaks for itself”, and everything about this site is either fake or questionable.

    Plus, in this review, I refer to (the fake site) and not (which is the legitimate site), so maybe you’re getting things confused.

    And if you type in your search bar, it will automatically redirect to bonusjunkies.

    Furthermore, you say I have no legit proof of this website being a scam, just look at all the screenshots I shared. Everything I wrote is proof of this being a scam.

    From the fake start date to the fake earnings.

    I’m sorry you feel I’m destroying the reputation of this site, but bonusjunkies has destroyed its own reputation by being a fake site and wasting peoples time.

    There are genuine people in genuine need of extra money and bonusjunkies is taking advantage of that and not giving people the money they earned.

    So, I’m entitled to be strong in my review, because it’s not fair to the people who just want to make an honest income online.


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