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5 Minute Money Machines Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?!

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Welcome to this 5 Minute Money Machines review.

Imagine earning money online in just 5 minutes of signing up to a program!

That's what we dream of right?!

But is it really possible? Can you really start earning in just 5 minutes with 5 Minute Money Machines?

I've had the chance to look further into this product, and the fact you've made it onto this page tells me you're looking for an honest 5 Minute Money Machines review, which I aim to deliver.

So, well done for making it to this page and making the decision to learn more about this product yourself.

Let's get into it...

Product Name: 5 Minute Money Machines

Website: www.5MinuteMoneyMachines.com

Owner: Mark and Vicky Barrett

Price: $6.95 + UPSELLS

Rating: 6/10

Type of Opportunity: Affiliate Marketing/Solo Ads

Verdict?  LEGIT (but takes time and money to master solo ads)


What is 5 Minute Money Machines?

5 minute money machines review sales page

5 Minute Money Machines is an product that offers online training for making money online with affiliate marketing.

As you go through the training videos, you're taught how to make money online promoting Wealthy Affiliate, using Solo Ads. 

If you're not sure what solo ads are, they're basically a form of email marketing, but instead of using an list of subscribers you own/built, you request to have emails sent to another person's list, which they'll send the email to their subscribers.

The aim of this method is to get traffic, leads and sales, and in most cases, you will be paying a fee to send out solo ads.

How Does It Work? + Training

5 Minute Money Machines give you the training to earn a recurring commission with Wealthy Affiliate by promoting it through Solo Ads.

There are 7 training videos to walk you through the steps.

5 minute money machines review insider look 1
5 minute money machines review insider look 2
5 minute money machines review insider look 3

In the 5 Minute Money Machines training you can expect to find videos on:

  • How to set up Wealthy Affiliate
  • Setting up Udimi
  • Getting traffic
  • ...and more

Pricing + Upsells

Here's a breakdown of the pricing of Private Reserve and the upsells that are included:

  • 5 Minute Money Machines (Main Product) - $6.95
  • Advance Free & Cheap Traffic Methods (Upsell 1) - $37 or Downsell $27
  • Comprehensive "Done-For-You" Package (Upsell 2) - $47 or Downsell $37
  • Weekly Live Masterclass Series (Upsell 3) - $4.95 trial, then $67/month

The Good...

  • Video Training - So you can see all the necessary actions step-by-step and follow it all at your own pace.
  • Genuine platforms - The 2 main platforms the owners refer to in this training are Wealthy Affiliate and Udimi, and they are both genuine platforms, and if used in the right way can be very profitable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Low entry cost to the course - Less than $7 to get started (But there will also be some extra costs afterwards)
  • Can access and implement the main training without purchasing the upsells
  • More realistic income claims - Although the term "5 minutes" is a little misleading, compared to some other "products" I've reviewed, such as this one, the screenshots of income reports are very realistic, and they're the same kind of income screenshots I'm able to share as a Wealthy Affiliate member

The NOT So Good...

Despite this being a legitimate training platform and a legitimate way to make money online, there are a few things that I'd like to touch on.

  • Video training quite short - May not be a problem for most people, but I noticed that some of the training videos were only a few minutes long. For example, there's a training on traffic which is about 5 minutes long...and you definitely need more than 5 minutes to learn about generating traffic, especially as this is why most beginners struggle to make money. 
  • Extra costs - You will definitely need to spend more than the $6.95 entry fee, even without purchasing the upsells. You'll need to purchase the Wealthy Affiliate premium platform to earn full commissions (although you can still earn some commissions on the free membership). You'll also need to pay for sending out solo ads on the Udimi platform.
  • Doesn't mention the risks with Solo ads - Solo ads can be a really good way to get traffic, leads and sales to your product, however, it's not as easy as it may seem. I used Solo ads when I first started out with affiliate marketing and I lost money cause I was new to it all and didn't fully know what I was going. So, although the owners here offer good training, it's important to realise than you may not make any money/sales the first time around, and you may end up spending more money that you realised.
  • Upsells - There are a few upsells, and if you purchase them you could potentially spend almost $100, then a $67/month recurring fee...and that's not including the extra costs mentioned above. So it could get a little more expensive than expected. But the main product is still quite sufficient on its own. 

Final Thoughts - Is 5 Minute Money Machines A Scam?

Thank you for making it to the end of this 5 Minute Money Machines review.

Having spent some time getting to know this program, I definitely don't believe 5 Minute Money Machines is a scam.

However, I feel that solo ads can be a risky way to generate traffic, leads and sales, so I only recommend it if you already have some knowledge of email marketing. 

If you're a complete beginner, chances are, you will lose some money with this traffic generating method. 

I've been promoting Wealthy Affiliate, and I followed their full Bootcamp course (and it's free to start). 

Here I gained all the materials and training I needed to generate 3-figure days in commissions as an affiliate:

This is all using free traffic too.

Yes, it will take a bit longer to earn when using free traffic, but it's a lot more sustainable and you have the opportunity to build yourself up as an authority.

When you do this, you can work your way to earning 4-figures monthly, as these 4 Wealthy Affiliate members have.

Ultimately, I'm not sharing these to brag, but to give you a glimpse into the income potential that can be earned, thanks to Affiliate Marketing. 

You could very well make more than me, or you could make less than me. It all depends on your hard work and determination.

All in all, Affiliate Marketing is a business model that I know works very well.

If that's something you believe you can do, then I'd encourage you to click the GREEN button below to access your starter membership today...completely FREE.

Let's discuss:

What did you think of this 5 Minute Money Machines review?

What are your thoughts on using Solo Ads to promote affiliate offers?

Are you already using solo ads? Have you had success with it?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.


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Suzie - January 19, 2019

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for this honest review of “5 Minute Money Machines”. The name does make you think that you can quickly and easily make a ton of money in no time at all.

I have been thinking of getting into email marketing, so this review is very timely for me. I will be taking a closer look at reviews before I commit myself, because as a novice affiliate marketer, I don’t want to get caught out and pay out more money than I earn.


    Stephanie - May 4, 2019

    Hi Suzie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, unfortunately, the name of the product gives a false impression of how email marketing actually works.

    I hope you’ve had a chance to get into email marketing, and hope your experiences have been positive so far. All the best!


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