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12 Minute Affiliate Review – Is It A Scam Or “Done For You” System That Banks $460 A Day?

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Welcome to my 12 Minute Affiliate review.

Imagine being able to "pocket DAILY affiliate commissions" using a "3 step system"!

Well, this system called 12 Minute Affiliate claims to "automatically" promote your affiliate link(s) for months on complete auto-pilot!

That sounds way too good to be true right?

So, what is the truth? Is 12 Minute Affiliate the way to bank $460+ a day with Affiliate Marketing?

The fact you're on this page shows you're interested in discovering the truth, and wondering if it's really worth it. 

If that's the case, then I want to say "congratulations" on making this important decision to research this online opportunity before you invest any money. 

So, let's get crackin' with this 12 Minute Affiliate review...

Product Name: 12 Minute Affiliate

Website: www.easy.12MinuteAffiliate.com

Owner: Devon Brown

Price: $9.95 + UPSELLS (almost up to $800)

Rating: 50/100

Type of Opportunity: Affiliate Marketing

Verdict?  Legit (but overhyped sales tactics and could end up being very expensive)

12 minute affiliate review product

Note: I did purchase the 12 Minute Affiliate system, despite what some other blog reviews claim, and feel my review is unbiased and shares my honest personal experience. 


What is 12 Minute Affiliate?

12 minute affiliate review sales page

12 Minute Affiliate is an online "plug-and-play" affiliate marketing system that claims to help you start earning affiliate commissions in as little as 12 minutes.

What this means is that you are given the tools and systems to promote different affiliate products, without having to do the hard work yourself. 

For example, you do not need to create an opt-in page to build your list as you are provided with predesigned lead capture pages, complete with opt-in forms. 

Essentially, all you need to do with this system is drive traffic to the lead capture page and get people to sign up. 

Sounds easy right?!

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Although Devon Brown, the owner, is a successful internet marketer, I feel the bold claims he makes about this product are quite misleading.

One of the biggest issues beginner marketers face online is not getting enough/the right traffic.

So unless you already know how to drive traffic to offers, you may have just as much difficulty earning with this platform, as you do with any other system.

I know there is the option to purchase traffic, but unless you have the budget to afford it, you'll most likely be looking for free traffic methods.

Plus, there's no guarantee you'll even get targeted traffic using 12 Minute Affiliate's paid traffic options.

Just like some other systems I've reviewed, such as this one, you don't need to spend too much time creating products and sending emails. You just need to focus your efforts on driving traffic that converts.

Keep on reading this 12 Minute Affiliate review to find out more...

How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

12 minute affiliate review how it works step by step

The idea behind affiliate marketing is that you can sell other people's products and earn commission whenever those products sell. 

With 12 Minute Affiliate, there are 3 main steps involved:

STEP 1: Personalise the system 

This means that you'll be adding your affiliate links to the products you'll be promoting, and setting up your email autoresponder and other aspects of the sales funnel

STEP 2: Add "Done-For-You" Traffic

The system gives you the opportunity to purchase traffic to deliver to your offers. The amount of traffic you get will depend on your budget. The problem with this is that the traffic may not be targeted, and as a result, you may not get the result you were expecting.

STEP 3: Keep your affiliate commissions

As you've set up your account with your affiliate links, you should receive the commissions when you've made a sale.

12 Minute Affiliate Review [VIDEO]?

What's Included in 12 Minute Affiliate?

In the 12 Minute Affiliate platform you can expect to find:

  • "Done For You" sales funnels
  • "Done For You" Emails
  • An "EZ Funnel Wizard" to allow you to customise your sales funnels
  • Access to their Facebook group where you can interact with other members
  • "Done For You" Traffic
12 minute affiliate review whats included
12 minute affiliate review done for you funnels

12 Minute Affiliate also offers 2 different types of membership levels, depending on whether you'd like to focus on 1 niche site, or 3 niche sites. 

Each membership level offers different features, which you can see in the screenshot below:

12 minute affiliate review membership levels

Pricing + Upsells

There are many payment paths within 12 Minute Affiliate, but here's a quick breakdown of the main pricing and upsells involved:

  • 12 Minute Affiliate (Main Product) - $9.95 14-day trial, then $47-97/month OR $397-$797 lifetime access
  • "3 x Your Results Blueprint" (Upsell 1) - $39 (one time fee)
  • Done For You Setup (Upsell 2) - $67-$97 (one time fee)

As mentioned above, there are different membership levels available, and as a result, there are many payment paths available too, which you will be able to see in the following screenshots:

Payment Path #1 - (1 Niche + 14 Day Trial)

12 minute affiliate review payment patch 1

For payment path #1, the following sequence is for people who choose to have only 1 niche. Here are the steps involved:

  1. $9.95 for the 14-day trial of 12 Minute Affiliate (1 Niche)
  2. $39 (one time fee) for Upsell 1
  3. $67 (one time fee) for Upsell 2
  4. $47/month for 12 Minute Affiliate (1 Niche)

Payment Path #2 - (3 Niches + 14 Day Trial)

12 minute affiliate review payment path 2

For payment path #2, the following sequence is for people who choose to have 3 niches. Here are the steps involved:

  1. $9.95 for the 14-day trial of 12 Minute Affiliate (3 Niches)
  2. $39 (one time fee) for Upsell 1
  3. $97 (one time fee) for Upsell 2
  4. $97/month for 12 Minute Affiliate (3 Niches)

Payment Path #3 - (1 Niche + Lifetime Access)

payment path 3

For payment path #3, the following sequence is for people who choose to have only 1 niche. Here are the steps involved:

  1. $397 Lifetime Access of 12 Minute Affiliate (1 Niche)
  2. $39 (one time fee) for Upsell 1
  3. $67 (one time fee) for Upsell 2

Payment Path #4 - (3 Niches + Lifetime Access)

payment path 4

For payment path #3, the following sequence is for people who choose to have 3 niches. Here are the steps involved:

  1. $797 Lifetime Access of 12 Minute Affiliate (3 Niches)
  2. $39 (one time fee) for Upsell 1
  3. $97 (one time fee) for Upsell 2

The Good...

  • A Method That Works - Although there are some aspects of the system I'm not keen on, it's based on a business model that actually works. Affiliate Marketing can be a profitable way to make money online, if done the right way. 12 Minute Affiliate aims to give you the tools to make being an affiliate easier. 
  • Access To The Facebook Group - 12 Minute Affiliate has a dedicated Facebook group which is a great way for other members to connect and share tips with each other. 
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Low entry cost to the course - It costs less than $10 to get started (But note, there will also be some extra costs and monthly fees afterwards)
  • Can access and implement the main training without purchasing the upsells

The NOT So Good...

Despite this being a legitimate platform and a legitimate way to make money online, there are a few things missing from this product that I'd like to touch on.

  • Some misleading claims - I feel the claims made by Devon Brown are quite misleading because they make affiliate marketing sound like the easiest way to make money online. Despite the legitimacy of affiliate marketing, it takes time to be successful with it and make consistent income. This product gives the impression you can start earning in as little as 12 minutes, but majority of members will not achieve those types results.  
  • Everything Is "Done For You" - "Done-For-You" systems tend to make it easy for you to rely on products like these and not learn the skills for yourself. If anything happens to 12 Minute Affiliate, then you don't have the skills or knowledge to start over again and you'll just be looking for the next "shiny object".
  • Extra costs - You will be spending more than the $9.95 entry fee and upsells. You'll need to factor in things such as, the cost of getting paid traffic to your sales funnels and having an autoresponder service.
  • No Signs Of Ongoing Training - So far there doesn't appear to be any signs of additional training or tips to further help marketers drive traffic. For example, it would be nice to see access to live webinars and/or an area where they provide new training material on a regular basis, especially considering there's a monthly fee attached.
  • High-Ticket Costs - If you choose to purchase the lifetime memberships, you could be paying up to $933 for this product, including upsells. So for some beginners, this could get very expensive.  

Can You Really Make $460+ A Day With Affiliate Marketing?

Although some of the claims in 12 Minute Affiliate seem slightly overhyped and misleading, it is possible to earn $460+ a day with affiliate marketing...and you don't need to pay for traffic!

A 21-year old student from my #1 recommended training platform was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day...all while using free traffic methods and affiliate marketing. 

wealthy affiliate discount wa success story jerry

And for the past few months, he's been consistently earning 4-figures a month with affiliate marketing.

You can read about his story here (or by clicking the image above).

It's through Affiliate Marketing that I've also been able to earn commissions like this...

affiliate marketing commission like this

I'm not sharing these to brag, but to give you a glimpse into the income potential that can be earned, thanks to Affiliate Marketing. 

You could very well make more, or you could make less. It all depends on your hard work and determination.

All in all, Affiliate Marketing is a business model that I know works very well.

If that's something you believe you can do, then I'd encourage you to take a look my #1 recommended training platform for FREE.

Final Thoughts 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this 12 Minute Affiliate review. 

I hope it's given you some further insight into the online platform. 

So, is 12 Minute Affiliate the way to bank $460 a day?

I believe, if you're able to follow the steps, implement the advice given to you and pay for the traffic, then yes, it is very possible to earn $460+ a day with 12 Minute Affiliate. 

However, you need to realise, that you may not get the results you're expecting straight away. 

For example, there's no guarantee that the paid traffic you'll receive will be 100% targeted, so you may not get the sales you were lead to believe. 

As mentioned above, Affiliate Marketing is a business model that takes time to master.

If that's something you believe you can do, then I'd encourage you to click the GREEN button below to discover more about my top recommended Affiliate Training program.

(psst...it's free to join)

Let's discuss:

What did you think of this 12 Minute Affiliate review?

What are your thoughts on using paid traffic to promote affiliate offers?

Are you already using paid traffic to promote as an affiliate? What methods do you personally use?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comments section below.

12 Minute Affiliate

$9.95 + UPSELLS
12 minute affiliate review logo

Overall Rating



  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • A Method That Works
  • Access To Facebook Group
  • Low Entry Cost
  • Can Access And Implement Main Training Without Upsells


  • No Free Trial
  • Some Misleading Claims
  • Everything Is "Done For You"
  • High-Ticket and Extra Costs
  • No Sign Of Any Ongoing Training Despite Monthly Fee

Blogger, Online Marketer and full-time music lover. Thank you for reading my posts! I share my experiences of making money online as well as providing useful tips and advice to those who are interested in starting an online business. I enjoy writing reviews and giving an insight into what has worked for me and what hasn't. If you like what I write here be sure to share my posts with others!

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alex - December 28, 2020

thanks for the information and help, it is very interesting

    Stephanie - November 8, 2021

    you’re welcome! Thanks for commenting Alex

Ronald - January 26, 2020

I am writing this comment as an old user of the 12 minute affiliate to make people aware of what the system actually is.

For beginners wanting to join read carefully so you know exactly what you are joining.

The 12 affiliate system is in my opinion not that great and that is because after you pay the $47 for the month you also have to pay for traffic.

The problem with this is that the traffic you are buying is not explained meaning they don’t tell you where it is coming from.

After doing some research and looking where they sold traffic i found out about this website called Udimi. There i also found a profile with the name Devon Brown and i got a bit of a bad vibe.

After finding out that you can buy traffic there for half the price you pay at the system i decided to leave the system and to create my own email autoresponder with Getresponse.

The conclusion to not make this long

If you are interested in this program you can use it in my opinion but don’t buy traffic from them because it is shady and there is not much information on it.

I recommend using social media, your own blog or even Udimi if you want paid traffic.

Wish you the best and careful with online courses and programs.

    Stephanie - January 27, 2020

    Hi Ronald, thank you so much for sharing your experience and your advice. I’m sure this will be very helpful to anyone interested in knowing more about this system. Wishing you all the best in your online success too.

David - October 1, 2019

I signed up for 12 Minute Affiliate, and spent the best part of 24 hours trying to access the membership without success. I contacted customer support via email but still no access. Now after 24 Hours of time wasting for this “Easy 12 minute program” i have given up. I am now going for a PAYPAL refund of my payment. Perhaps I was not meant to become a 12 Minute Member.

    Stephanie - October 29, 2019

    Hi David, thanks for joining the discussion. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with this site. I hope you were able to get your refund. If you’re still looking for a legitimate training platform to learn affiliate marketing, then you can take a look at my top recommendation. Hope this helps.


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